Beautician smells a rat

The STAR online, Malaysia Wednesday October 3, 2007

Beautician smells a rat

CON men are still posing as court officials and Bukit Aman police to cheat people of their money as another case was reported to police in Ipoh on Monday. Perak commercial crime chief Supt Ooi Kee Lin said the con men would call up their victims and claim that there were complaints against them. “They claim that the victims were being investigated for forgery and money laundering, and scare them into believing that the Government will freeze their bank accounts. “The victims are then told to transfer their money into a particular account to avoid detection following which the crooks will siphon away the money,” he said, adding that five such cases involving RM33,000 had been reported in Perak so far this year. Supt Ooi said the callers were a man and woman who spoke in Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia. At a press conference in Ipoh yesterday to highlight a case involving a beautician, Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Tony Khoo said the courts and the police would not make phone calls when seeking help from the public in a case. He said the police would go personally to seek the help of a person if they needed his or her assistance while the courts would issue a subpoena to summon a witness. Beautician Wong Choi Geik, 27, told reporters that a person had telephoned her on Sept 28 and accused her of allowing her bank account be used for money laundering and loan shark activities. “The caller, who claimed to be a police inspector, asked me to deposit my money into another account to prove that I was not involved in any illegal activities,” she said. “The caller said he would give me a new ATM card with the password so that I could make withdrawals later,” she said. Suspecting something amiss, Wong approached Khoo to highlight the matter to the public. “I hope the people will not fall into the trap if they receive such calls,” said Wong, who lodged a report at the Bercham police station on Monday. Those with information on such callers should call the Perak police at 05-2401999 or send it by SMS to Rakan Cop at 32728


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