Hello, this is but a con job

The STAR online, Malaysia

Saturday September 22, 2007


Hello, this is but a con job


BUKIT MERTAJAM: A kinder-garten manager and seven of his colleagues who probably thought they could make a quick buck by buying 2,000 mobile phones cheap ended up poorer by RM21,820 instead.

They paid the money as deposit for 2,000 units of Nokia N95, which are retailed at RM2,000 each, to a woman who offered the phones at RM200 each.

The woman, aged 40, had approached the victims at the kindergarten near here on May 1 with the claim that the phones were from an auction by the Cus-toms Department.

Penang Commercial Crime Department acting chief Supt Shaharon Anuar Abdul Latif said the manager, aged 33, lodged a report at the Central Seberang Prai district police headquarters on Thursday after the woman failed to deliver the phones.

In an unrelated case, a 37-year-old production operator lost valuables worth RM4,000 in a scratch and win scam.

Supt Shaharon said a woman, believed to be in her 20s, went to the victim’s house at Simpang Empat near here at about 2pm on Aug 7 and offered her a part-time job with a lucrative income.

“The victim agreed to be a sales representative for a chocolate factory after she was promised with a high income of 85% of her sales as commissions,” he said.

He said the woman than took out an envelope with seve-ral scratch and win coupons and asked the victim to select one.

Supt Shaharon said the woman informed the victim on Aug 16 that she had won a massage mattress worth RM9,000.

He said the victim handed jewellery and her mobile phone, worth a total of RM4,000, to the woman as deposit for transport charges.

He said the victim lodged a police report on Thursday after failing to receive her prize.


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