Malaysian Consumer News: Huffing over hue of price tags (The STAR online)

The STAR online Malaysia
Friday November 23, 2007

Huffing over hue of price tags

A PERAK executive councillor saw red when the Opposition questioned the logic behind using pink manila cards to tag controlled price items during festive seasons.

The argument began when Ngeh Koo Ham (DAP – Sitiawan) asked Datuk G. Rajoo (BN – Hutan Melin-tang) why traders must use pink manila cards to ensure consumers were not overcharged.

“And if they do not display the tags, they are issued summonses. This does not make sense at all,” Ngeh said yesterday.

“The main issue is to make sure that consumers are not cheated, not the colour of the tags,” he added.

He then asked Rajoo, who is also state National Integration, Unity and Consumer Affairs Committee chairman, if the latter was willing to cancel the summonses issued to traders who did not raise their prices but failed to display the pink tags.

“I have to check. Anyway, the pink tags are used to make sure the traders do not cheat consumers of the controlled price items,” Rajoo added.

Nga Kor Ming (DAP – Pantai Remis) interrupted by claiming that Rajoo was not in touch with the people.

An irritated Rajoo shouted: “When I answer, please let me finish!”

Later outside the state assembly, Rajoo said traders who did not use pink tags would get fined.

“This is actually because the tags are to tell consumers which items are controlled price items and which are not,” he said.

On a separate matter, state Urban and Local Government Committee chairman Chang Ko Youn said the new ‘star rating’ system would be implemented by early next year to measure the performances of municipal councils and the Ipoh City Council.

“The rating will be based on seven components such as public service, public relations, good governance and integrity.


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