Driver’s licence renewal at JPJ

Have read in the STAR that our driver’s licence can be renewed online via the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan website. Once you are at the site, key in your relevant details for the renewal such as your IC No., renewal, period, and contact number.

Payment online can be made thru credit card, a prepaid JPJ account, or e-debit.

The renewal slip can be posted to you with a small extra fee.

Alternatively, you can upload the renewal into your Mykad.



Click on this link to go to the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan site:- and click on CDL Renewal online



9 Responses

  1. if i have a lecence singapore ,i can renew my lecence malaysia again

  2. Hi, I need to change my driver licence to Malaysian one. hat should I do and what is your address?

  3. I have an expired taxi license more than 10 years ago. Can I renew it now without having to re apply the license again? Can I appeal for an exemption for a new application?


  5. Please check and respond to my appeal of my GDL license more than 3 weeks ago.

  6. hi ,if my driving licence is expired 4 year,can i renewal?

  7. saya Wong Ah Yun @ Wong Fun Yew no k/p: 410808-05-5277 ( tel: 016-9481691) ingin membaharui lesen GDL yang telah tamat pada 21/2/2007. boleh pihak tuan tolong beritahu saya cara/prosedure untuk membaharui. terima kasih.

  8. my name is Mk.Tahevas Esevaran A/L M.kannaa
    My lesen GDL expired on 1996 ,can i renew back
    GDL No: A 219530
    pls reply

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