Prompt service from Telekom Streamyx TM Net

My Streamyx service was down for almost 2 full days.

Help! How can anyone survive without online access for 2 full days? It’s like losing my handphone, tv set, radio, and CD player all at one go. Haha…go get a life!  Called TMnet to lodge a report and the Tech guy calls back the next day to check on the Streamyx. He found nothing wrong with the data sending and asked me to get the Telekom guy to check the lines.

The Telekom guy comes to check the lines, and said nothing was wrong with the line. I was getting a bit frus at this point, because it was like, nobody is helping anybody.

Then the Telekom guy says to call the TMnet guy and they both came together again to the house to locate the wire causing my broadband to keep going down.

So it wasn’t so bad after all…. those guys managed to solve the problem and they were quite fast in responding to the reports. But a little more competition in the wired broadband service segment wouldn’t hurt (currently we have the one and only….errrr ….) and might make services more efficient.


3 Responses

  1. Wow,
    I’m impressed. It took TM one week (172 hours) to restore telephone and internet access and I’m charged for the whole time it is down. What a daylight robbery!

    TM is comparable to a mob, I wonder why there are not being arrested already. Maybe its their FAMILY in the police dept, and government that are in power. That’s why……….!

    This can only happen in Malaysia………………….
    MALAYSIA BOLEH !!!!!!!!!

  2. Haha totally agree with you. Maybe this was a once-in-a lifetime miraculous occurrence where they actually got their act together. This is exactly what happens with a monopoly. No service so what? You want or don’t want? I am de only One…haha… Malaysia tentu boleh mah…..

  3. Yes. I have this feeling too. Why they always pointing at each other instead of finding a solution? Moreover, that is their company staff members.. Can’t they just try to settle the matter and communicate well among themselves as they are the one who seems to understand the whole condition instead of us? MONOPOLY means they can actually do what they want right? It’s a big failure.. “Customer is GOD!” No, Customer is saying OH MY GOD!

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