Facts on polystyrene

The STAR online 

February 1, 2008

WE refer to “Start campaign against polystyrene” by Datuk (Ir) Batumalai Ramasamy (The Star, Jan18). 

I would like to comment on his suggestion that the Health Ministry “go on road shows to educate the public on the harm caused by polystyrene”.  

Looking at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) green campaign, the ban on polystyrene is actually to reduce the use of this non-biodegradable polystyrene foam commonly used as cups and food containers, and thus its impact on the environment. 

As far as harm to consumer’s health is concerned, polystyrene used as food serving utensils must comply with food legislation. 

In Malaysia, any package used in contact with food must comply with the Food Regulations 1985. The concern for polystyrene is to ensure that migration or leachate from the food container or wrapper to the food will not cause harm to the consumer.


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