Conmen set sights on businesses

The STAR online

CONMEN are moving from cheating consumers to cheating businessman as in the case of a 31-year-old company director who wished to be known as Angie.  

She claimed to have been cheated by a construction company called Wong Meng Khoi from Bentong. 

“In January, an acquaintance asked if my company could supply goods to the construction company. I then contacted a man named Wong, 33, who was supposed to be in charge,” Angie said. 

“He seemed very professional and knew a lot about the products he enquired about. 

“At first, he tried bargaining with me and, when we eventually closed the deal, he did receive a discount. 

“He placed an order and requested for delivery to his warehouse in Bentong. 

“I received cheques dated Feb 1 for the goods and we delivered it on Jan 9 and 19,” she said. 

On Jan 20, Angie sent an assistant to check on the delivered goods. 

The assistant found the warehouse empty and even the signboard had been removed. 

“I suspected something was amiss and checked the company’s background. It was then that I realised the company had only been set up last December,” she said. 

Both cheques eventually bounced and Angie’s company incurred some RM54, 000 in losses. 

Angie had lodged a police report at Bukit Puchong and sought help from MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong. 

“More than 10 suppliers have become victims of such tactics. Previously, there was also a case where the victim was cheated off 500 moon cakes” Chong said. 

Chong urged the public not to buy construction materials from the black market or when someone approached them offering cheap goods. 

“I will compile a list of such cases and discuss with Bukit Aman commercial crime director Datuk Goh Hong San. I hope victims of such scams will approach me with their police reports. This is to aid police investigations. 

“Alternatively, they can also fax in their reports to 03-2161 9772. 

The same conmen were involved in other cases as reported by Sin Chew Daily on Feb 15. 

Under a single company name, they acquired for all kinds of electrical goods from 15 businessmen in Bentong. 

All failed to receive payment after delivering their products. Total losses incurred amounted to RM 500, 000 and four of the victims had lodged a police report in Bentong police station.  


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