Customer Service: She stalks me here, she stalks me there

Well, here we go again. My body is trembling with trepidation. I am about to walk into a gift shop to buy something. I take a deep breath. I need to buy a gift. My friend’s birthday is approaching. No matter what trials and tribulations I have to go thru, my persistence shall prevail. Haha. I have to get that gift. I must walk bravely into where few guys may dare to venture. Into the jaws of …

My left foot hits the inner part of the gift shop located at a huge shopping mall. My hands start to sweat profusely.

“Heloooo yes! Welcomed….please come in” The sales person greets me with a extremely big wide grin.

“Yes, lady what you want to buy? I show you” says the eager beaver.

“It’s okay. I just look myself”.

Quickly shuffled over to hide at the nearest row of shelf filled with huge dangling flowery items.

Want to browse the gifts in peace.

“This is latest gift from Taiwan. Now we got promotion, buy 10 get 1 free”.

Yes, but I don’t want to buy 10.

“Ah…Miss ah, this latest gadget from China. Can do this, do that plus achieve world peace. Very super”.

No I don’t want to buy that gadget. World peace is not achievable in my jaded eyes.

Need to shop in peace.

Quickly slide over to the next display row. Heartbeat raised to over 130 per min. Internal temperature rising. Telling myself, need to locate gift in 1.5 minutes and shashay out of here on the double. Might get hounded to buy something I don’t need.

Eager Beaver pops up like a ghost from nowhere.

 ” Miss, hee, what gift you looking for? I help you?”

“This normal price Fi Tee (RM50) dola, you buy today, special price of 40, plus free gift. Only today got promotion”. Sure baby, next week also still got this “special” promotion.

“No, I don’t want to buy special promotion. I just want to look around by myself”.

“Oh okay, yes”. Eager Beaver nods her head enthusiastically.

I quickly dodge to the next stand and blindly picked up an item that vaguely looks like a teddy bear covered with lace. I pretend to examine it closely as if I had never seen a teddy bear in my whole life. Maybe if I pretend to sniff the teddy, EB might think I am a nutcake shopper and leave me alone.

Eager Beaver zooms in front of me suddenly like a whirling tornado from a Bugs Bunny cartoon. (I am not advertising for Warner Brothers)  

I almost jumped a mile backwards.

“MISSSSSSS, you cannot find your gift ah? Don’t worry I help…you come here”.

Grabs my arm and drags me to some shelves in the back row.

” Miss, here got gift for birthday. You look for birthday one? Here for wedding. This one..very good, can push button pop up, good for give boss or colleague. Boss give promotion. Oh this one, very nice toy, definitely certified non-toxic from China one, suitable for baby, kids, even grandmother also like one.”

Feeling confused and pressured by now, i quickly scan the shelvs stuffed full of colourful gifts and toys and my hand reach out to pick something which looked suitable as a birthday gift. My head feels heavy and cloudy.

Need to get out of here and just go for a coffee. And leave the mall before I get charged for extra parking hours.

“Okay thanks, I get this. Great, please wrap up”.

EB grins “Miss, very good you buy this. Last one, no more stocks. I wrap now.”

Received a call from my girlfriend yesterday. She thanked me for giving her a birthday gift, but where did I find a LED flashflight with a pop-up plastic toothpick at the side, and a removable drinking straw at the other end? Very unique. Good for picking teeth in darkness after sipping chin chau with straw.

I heemed and hawed, “Oh yes, latest fancy gadget”. All the rage in town.

Gift shopping is very fun.










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