Syabas urges govt to make individual meter compulsory

KUALA LUMPUR, April 25 — Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas) has urged the government to require all multi-storey residential units to change their bulk water meter to individual meters. Syabas Corporate Communications and Public Affairs general manager Abdul Halem Mat Som said this was necessary to tackle problems faced by the residents with the building management regarding water and bulk meter issues. He said the problem that often occurred was when the building management failed to settle the bills with Syabas, causing all the residents unable to get water when supply to the bulk meter was cut.

 “Syabas views this issue seriously because according to record, many building managements failed to pay Syabas and caused supply to be cut and this is unfair to the residents who had settled water payments to the management every month,” he said in a statement today. “Syabas does not have the right and authority to force the building management to migrate from the bulk meter to individual meters because besides the government’s role, this process requires consensus among all the residents with the management,” he said. He said the migration process also faced many obstacles including the building management’s refusal to allow the residents to change to individual meters because they wanted to use water supply as security to force the residents to pay other management charges. Halem said Syabas could only encourage the building management to migrate from the bulk meter to individual meters. All applications to migrate must be made by the building management such as the joint management body, residents’ association and building management company. The form can be obtained at any Syabas offices. “Applications for individual meters can only be made after the application to migrate made by the building management has been approved by Syabas,” he said. Among the main approval terms was that the bulk meter holder had to settle the arrears first, he added. — Bernama


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  1. I got a questions here, for my study purpose.

    The building management are currently use bulk water meter for the condominium units. If the Government has approved the water department to increase the water tariff, and this cause the residence felt that they should use individual water meter which give much lower rate under residential rate. The latest revision has made bulk meter under commercial rate which are much more expensive. As the management for the condominium, what they can do?

    I hope you can recommend the solution for me. Thank you so much.

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