Salesman ordered to pay for car and summonses

The STAR online

Thursday May 28, 2009


JOHOR BARU: Vehicle owners wanting to change cars must make sure the documents for the transfer of ownership are in order before surrendering their used cars.

Consumer claims tribunal president Rungit Singh said that car owners should not be in a hurry to sell their vehicles to use the money as down payment for a new car.

“Make sure the vehicle owner’s name is changed to the buyer’s. Also, inform your bank about the car’s disposal and clear all debts before purchasing a new car,” he said.

In a recent case, a schoolteacher found herself in trouble with her bank and the traffic police because of an irresponsible salesman.

Intan Suhaila Zainal, 27, said the salesman, who bought her car, did not ensure the vehicle ownership was properly transferred.

“The vehicle was under my name even though it was sold in October 2008.

“The salesman told me he later sold it to his relative in January this year, but did not transfer the ownership as the relative could not obtain a bank loan as his (relative’s) name was blacklisted,” she said.

She said she knew about it only when she checked with the salesman after receiving a letter from her bank in April.

“I also received two traffic summonses, both dated somewhere in December last year, after I had sold it,” she said.

Intan later learnt that the salesman had used the car since October 2008 before selling it.

She said her bank was after her for three months of unpaid instalments from October to December last year.

The new buyer started paying only in January this year, she added

Rungit ordered the salesman to pay Intan RM3,255 for the three months of instalments and the two summonses.


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