Have you ever tried to tear your hair out in frustration trying to get that blurry -looking girl at the counter to understand “do you sell teeth floss and which shelf is it located at?” Only to get an empty stare and perhaps an answer that will make your hair turn whiter than the Snow Queen’s – “Got floss…….. please go to the food shelf, we got chicken floss, beef floss, many floss. Which lane number? I don’t know, why you ask me, ask my Manager la”. Than google no further.  Feel free to add any comments about the service you have been getting, whether from banks, goverment departments, car service centres, retail shops etc. Rant, rave or otherwise despair…. air your grievances here!

Place your complaints here on the comments box. Complaints can be anything from getting bad service, to getting no service, or getting the uncomfortable feeling that you had just been scammed.


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  1. Saravanan | saran@eraconsumer.org | nccc.org.my | IP:

    Pusat Khidmat Aduan Pengguna Nasional (NCCC) telah dirasmikan oleh Yang Berhormat Datuk Hj. Mohd Shafie Apdal, Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna pada 13 Julai 2004.NCCC ditubuhkan di atas inisiatif bersama Persatuan Penyelidikan dan Penyilidikan Pengguna Malaysia (ERA Consumer Malaysia), Persatuan Pengguna Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan dan Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna.

    For advice and solution pls email nccc@nccc.org.my or visit http://www.nccc.org.my to lodge a consumer complaint

  2. Eventhough the scrath/tear and win is now banned but I can still see young girls or boys around public places with the scratch/tear tickets and tried to cheat the public.
    I have a personal experience whereby I have been approach by two girls with the ticket and that they jump and shouted after they scratched the ticket showing that I might possibily won a car and asked me to come to their showroom, turned out to be a temporary office and once you’re inside the office, no matter you refused to agree on anything, they wont let you out, they even locked the door and suddenly you saw two guys guarding the door.They wont let you out until they get what they want.Even worse, if you have credit cards they will charge your credit card before they safely let you go. I went to report at Kajang Police Station and was referred to a Unit called “Jenayah Perdagangan Unit”.I gave all the information I think usefull for them but they are so lazy to photocopy my documents and not helpful at all.I even gave the address and the contact No. but the officer did nothing to help.After a few days I got new information about the Company who cheat me and call the officer to inform her, all she does was called the person and ask him to pay my money back.Then nothing was done.Follow up by follow up no help received by the police officer. Then I think what is the purpose of this Unit? I then proceeded to Trade and consumer affairs dept which then help me to rush the premise.

    • I am not surprised… go to carrefour in bp .. visit arezzo and they will give you this lucky draw. they are still doing this. and the authority doesn’t know about it.

    • Yes, these scratch-and-win scammers are still actively on the prowl.

      In fact, a lot of them (around 20 of them) were spotted daily at Bukit Jalil LRT and bus station recently. Probably because the main bus station has been moved there from Pudu. I have seen people being taken daily into taxis by these people.

      Hope that enforcement is taking action soon.

    • So you’re new in Malaysia and you think that the police will help. No they won’t. And this is malaysia. That’s it.

  3. Hi… am just curious… what happen when the Trade and consumer affairs Dept Officers went to the Shop? Did they arrest the people working there?

  4. ASTRO, aiyo, when rain I miss u
    Log 2 Feb2008

    Oh great, I am now in front of my PC. Why am I in front of my PC on a lovely Saturday evening? It’s raining cats and dogs…and…Astro transmission is off – yet again!

    Actually… why am I either waiting to get on my PC, or Astro on a lovely Saturday afternoon? Yeah….get a life…

    Astro oh Astro, please find a way to transmit when raining. Bored people like us need to glue our eyes on something.

  5. Hi, I am a time-share member of The Mines Marketing (Country Heights). I joined for RM22,000 (after discount) 2 years ago. This membership comes with a guaranteed payback (100%) scheme from MAA after 32 years of maturity. Recently, they have discontinued the “MAA Guanrantee Payback Scheme” and just offered a RM2,600 as compensation. I do not accept the offer. I went to see their Manager incharge and asking for a full refund/withdrawal of my membership. All they do is just give reasons that it is not their fault. I am now hoping that I can get the help of Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna to resolve this matter. Thank you…

    • I feel you bro. we have corporate fat cats promising something to the consumer and then backing out on their own deal. coming up with stupid excuses. these mines country heights needs to be sued. it’s everyone’s sweat and blood RM 22, 000 they are stealing from us.

  6. Sir,

    My father had been mistakenly diagnosed with a Gastric instead of Cancer. This Incident happened
    early this year. He went to QEH Sabah several times
    to see doctor because he felt pain over his tummy. The doctor reply to him its only a Gastric and nothing is serious. After so many times he came to the hospital again having the same pain, the doctor finally found that he is in the terminal stage of cancer.

    What would you do if this happen to your family ?
    I sent emails to Dr Zuraidah ( Pengarah of QEH Sabah) about this matter and they said they will investigate. How long this would take ? 1 month ?
    1 Year ? or until the person died then they will let you know . Please take this matter seriously. My father has been served for the government for the rest of his life.

    And this is what he gets in return ? Besides that , this is not only about my father . How about other peoples who come to this hospital . Please take this matter seriously . We are talking about human life . Not a joke !!!

    • So sorry to hear your ordeal. I went through similar experience with Kuching GH. My father was also diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, at the time, and he was also a gov pensioner. This was 6 years ago.

      I had to fight with the whole system, from the Hospital, the Chief Minister’s office, and the Ministry of Health. I wrote a strong letter to the pengarah, cc to the Health Minister, and our CM in kuching. I got immediate response after my fax and my father was attended to immediately with the best medications and care (subsidized), even the Hospice, nurses from the hospital came over to the house to check on him frequently, as he couldn’t travel long distance.
      He did radiotherapy and chemo as well.
      Please fight those who are complacent with their responsibility (most of them think they are superior). Be strong, sometimes it is really you who can make the difference at least to help those you love, and stick your own neck on the chopping board!

  7. I am an Indian trader and ordered to supply some health and beauty
    products from Kuala Lumpur . I deposited the money in advance in the
    bank account of seller as suggested and information provided.

    The seller sent the product which was not as per specifications of
    Indian Customs regarding the manufacturing date of the product as the
    remaining life span of the product should be more than 60 % on the day
    of import to India.

    On this technical ground the product sent (manufactured in 2005) was
    returned to the seller by Customs.

    Now neither the seller is sending the product nor is responding.Even
    the person cannot be contacted on phone.

    You are requested to kindly guide what can be done in this matter and
    to whom should i contact.

    Complete details regarding order , transfer of money , supply and
    return is well recorded.

    I shall be grateful if I am kindly guided as the money I sent amounts
    to about 8625 U.S.Dollars which is a very high amount for me.

    Thanking You,

  8. Last Saturday(19th of July) I went to Guess store in The Gardens, Mid Valley. I was planning to buy a Guess watch for myself. While looking at the display area, I was first approached by a Malay girl working at the store. And while talking to that girl about the prices we were then being interrupted by a Chinese staff also worked at the store. But this Chinese girl was so arrogant and rude to me. When I was asking several questions she answered rudely like I was stupid and didn’t fit to be in the store. Might be I didn’t dressed like a celebrity as we know that the mall is known among the vips. Or might be she thought that a Malay lady like me can’t speak or understands English because she spoke English all the time and acted like I didn’t understand a word. At last I walked off from the store with so much hurt and humiliated. I then got my Guess watch from P.K Time Sdn Bhd where the staffs there had been polite and easy to negotiate. What a really shame for an international worldwide brand like Guess to have an arrogant, shallow and narrow minded like this Chinese girl.

    • You should give them back more than what they gave you!

    • Dress appropriately for Guess? What is an appropriate dress code for entering into a Guess shop? Guess is just a ‘high street’ label elsewhere in the world. I must admit, I am baffled with this!

      As far as I can see when visiting the 6 stars (if such an accolade exists) shopping malls in KL, for most of the patrons aren’t appropriately attired to enter some of prestigious boutiques, let alone to mention their mannerism. I think they have have shown their credit cards to gain entry.

      Maybe you were adorned in a GAP outfit, head-to-toe? If you were, I would understand, after all, it is their competitor.

      Next time you go there, tell the Chinese girl there are many job vacancies in Petaling Street, which is where her selling skills is far suited and I am sure she’ll feel right at home in that environment!

      Personally, if I feel the need for another Guess apparel, I go into one of their shops, try on one of their items that I feel I cant live without. Whilst in the changing room I would try the item for size then take a note the model name or number. Return the item back to the sales person and give excuse for not buying it. When at home, log into Ebay and search the item there. If available, often the item is a tenth of the price. Or search online for stores that sell the brand/item. Even, with postage charge to Malaysia, you will still make a substantial saving. Not only will you save your bank balance but also save the heartache of having to be confronted by an insolent salesperson who feels his/her lifestyle has been elevated from a simple and humble background by working for a ‘High Street’ label in some swanky shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur………Pleaaaase!

      First World facilities, Third World mentality……Go Malaysia, you can do it!

  9. Today, 11.08.08 I have been going for a body checked up due to pain at lower abdomen and discharged at a Klinik Malaysia. So, doctor request me to go for a urine test and the results shown normal. But, as what I mentioned to the doctor that I have discharged he prescribed me 2 antibiotics and etc to cure my existing symptoms. But, as what I remember the others doctor never prescribed me those kind of antibiotics. However, I told doctor that I feel pain at my lower abdomen and he answer me that “You should consult a gynaecologist”. Well, before I went-off, he prescribed me those medicines but my Urine test shows everything normal. And finally I go to a Gynae, I have been diagnosed that my urine contains of blood.
    And I am unneccesary to take those antibiotics. Should a doctor prescibed medicines to patients whenever he is not sure and the results shows everything normal? It’s a shame to all doctor! Because of earning from patients they just simply prescribes medicines and the doctor even told me that “Medicines is not returnable once out of clinic”.
    As I know medicines are sealed and I just turn-off from the clinic and he told me in this way. Doctor should have a proper ethics to treat patient and should have good manner and behavior as well.

  10. When the oil price is increased, all the things’ prices are increase. It’s reasonable. However, the oil prices had decreased 15 cents, and all the things’ prices are maintain especially for the electricity charges. It was the charges that increased almost 40% – 50%, how about the electricity charges? Why nobody has announce to decreased the tariff of electricity? It’s was very burden for many people and the businessman, especially for the factory.

  11. If bloggers can influence the outcome of our nation’s election results, then they can logically also influence the public perception of the service of a hypermarkets.,entity,etc as long as someone champions the views and others are in agreement / support…….. which is the reason we want to highlight Carrefour management’s utterly irresponsible actions for detaining us for over 2 hours for suspected shoplifting when circumstances proved that such was not the case. Furthermore, while checking over the items in our receipts, Carrefour found that the items & their corresponding prices do not even match their ‘bar code system’, and they could not reconcile the items. It goes to show that we might have been fleeced and, who knows, countless shoppers might have been fleeced! We have written to Carrefour Malaysia HQ & cc to CF France HQ, but they have until now refused to offer any apologies for this fiasco. Bloggers, spread the word and let Carrefour know that they can’t get away with this and blacklist them.

    from: eazzypraizy Pannonymous.

  12. I was suspected of shoplifting in carrefour, Mid Valley today. And I was instructed to go to a small “interrogation” room without any explanation. Of course they couldn’t find any evidence at all as I did not shoplift. Anyway I am very disgusted with the security guard’s behavior. When he couldn’t find his suspected “DVDs that I stole” he simply pointed at other item in my bag and asked if I paid for it or not. Those were the stuff in Jusco so I was literally annoyed by his action. When he didn’t has anything to say he blamed me for “putting the DVDs into my bag”. And I didn’t! I was freaked out and literally shaking as I was alone. The most I could do was glare at the person. He sort of gave an apology and just shooed me off. Now I am emotionally distressed by the experience and I swear I am not going to step into Carrefour in Mid Valley ever again! I am really unsatisfied with their attitudes!

  13. On the 7th December 2008 I went over to the Hotel & Restaurant D’Feringghi at Batu Feringghi, Penang at 10.00 pm. Was told by the car park attendant that there are rooms left for bookings. I parked my car at the back of the hotel, went up to the reception to check in. I told the reception that I wanted to view the room first but she swiped my card and completed a few documents to let me sign. After signing the documents she showed me a very small photo of the said room from the reception computer. To me it was just a normal procedure to do this before checking in because payments would only be made after checking out on the next day. I went up to the room to sleep for the night but found out the room was not as I expected. I went back to the reception without delaying and was in the room inspecting it for only 5 minutes. I told the reception that I did not like the room and would like to go to another hotel. To my surprise she told me that she had charged my room of RM175.00 and was unable to refund me because it is already in the “system”. I argued a few minutes but with no results and what I received was black faces from her and her colleagues. I left the hotel without staying over the night , feeling cheated by the hotel because they have charged me before I checked out on the next day. How could they do this? Are they allowed to do this without refund even when I was in the room for only 5 minutes and never even used the room? This will definitely spoil the images of other hotels in Penang Batu Feringghi and a very rude shock to other foreign tourist that visits our country. I hope the word “system” would not be used just as an excuse to reject the refund that is entitled to the consumer when they are not satisfied with the rooms in the hotel. I really feel cheated and being robbed right in front of my open eyes. The management in this hotel should open their eyes and use their common sense whether to refund or not to refund and not being so strict by sticking to the terms “already in the system, so cannot refund!!”

  14. i need to understant Taxi in johor city why almost not using meter calculate the distant charge rate? if like that better the taxi no need using the meter in car like a decoration only?is like that very bad image to to the oveseas tourist image.

  15. I had purchased a set of bedroom for my daughter’s birthday at CAVENZI Furniture Outlet at TESCO Plentong Outlet Johor Bahru on 04/ 01/ 2009.
    I agreed to wait until 16/01/2009 for the delivery. I waited until evening and tried to remind the outlet but the phone was not answered. I called other outlet and managed to get ERIC’s Hp number (the person incharge). He promised that the delivery will arrive at 8 pm.
    I only received the call to deliver the furniture the next day ( on 17/01/2009 afternoon).
    Unfortunately, the bed was a wrong design, the mirror for the dresser was broken and the cupboard was incomplete (half part was not ready- short delivery)
    i finally manged to contact the sales person- Iskandar(receiving commission for the sales made), he tried to sort the problems and promised that the delivery will be only on 21/01/09. By evening, I tried to remind the outlet, Iskandar, Eric but none of them answered my calls.
    I sms them that I will file a complaint to Tribunal for Breaching the Thrust. How do I do that? Can someone advise me?

    • all this wont happen in malaysia. singapore of course they will look into it, but here just waisting our time, the way they like is to start shouting at the merchant to get things done. i am very sure you have experienced worse in the gov departments with staff and their standard quote ” tak tahu lah”

  16. hello sir i am mohamme imran form india got an offical employment letter for harbour view hotel sarawak and the lawyer of there oraganisation is asking me 800us$ as processing fee so i can i know whether those people are fraud or not coz they should provide me all the nessecarry thing to me as work permit and etc but they are asking me the amount so please let me soon i am forwarding there email id also harbourviewhotel@mail2hotel.com,waiting for ur reply

  17. Dear Sir,

    Below given email received from your department asking for money. Please verify the person asking the fee for Immigration in the name of some other person for processing against permit for residence as well as work permit. This all is in relation to the service address Office of the Employment Manager
    Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS OIL COMPANY)
    Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers
    Kuala Lumpur City Centre
    50088 Kuala Lumpur,


    Keshav Kumar Saxena


    Attn:Keshav Kumar Saxena,

    We have received your data information,Note that the processing of your documents has to wait till you send your processing charges to us,We will proceed as soon as we receive your processing charges.

    Looking forward in serving you better.

    Mr.. Tsang Erick
    Head of Operations
    Malaysian Immigration

  18. Dear Sir

    I am needing to seek advise on a likely scam on a parcel being sent from London UK. A new friend I have met on the internet had sent a package from a company DIPLOMATIC HAULAGE & HAND DELIVERY SERVICE. The person had emailed me and phoned me several times demanding that I pay $4500RM as my parcel had been held by the Malaysian custom as it had been detected with money in the parcel. I had emailed the person back telling them that I their demand is ridiculous.
    The person’s details:
    Mike Johnson
    Diplomatic Haulage & Hand Delivery Services
    Lot 20-7(H), Third Floor Front,
    Beverly Hill Plaza,
    Jalan Bundusan, Luyang,
    Sabah, Malaysia.
    E-mail: dhhdelivery@diplomats.com
    Tel: +60169737880

    The person that I am to put on the money transfer thru the western union is:
    Mr MaCarthy Bartlett who is supposedly the diplomat in charge of clearance and administration.

    Please help me in confirming this scam. I have tried to email and contact the Malaysian Consulate regarding this matter to no success.
    Thank you

  19. Dear Sir,

    I am in receipt of an offer of an employment from yours ends which looks like fake email. Hereunder is the mail received.

    Office of the Employment Manager
    Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS OIL COMPANY)
    Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers
    Kuala Lumpur City Centre
    50088 Kuala Lumpur,


    The Petronas Oil Company has considered your application……

    We are sending you our International Online Interview Questionnaire to endorse and get back to us within 48 hours of receipt. Your application will be evaluated on the basis of the answers from the Online Questionnaire alongside your Resume and you will surely be notified upon review of your whole submitted information. Please find enclosed and attached here with the documents for your endorsement.

    Good luck! as you take steps to the right part in building your career.


    Dr. Kazeem Ali.
    Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS OIL COMPANY)
    Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

  20. Dear sir,

    like April Mckenzie said, i met a friend on the internet and sent me a package too from a company DHH COURIER SERVICE.
    the person phone me and email me too,demanding that I pay $3,700RM +10% of the amount of the parcel as my parcel had been held by the Malaysian custom as it had been detected with money in the parcel, but it think it is a likely scam, when i’ve read the message of Ms.April Mckenzie on this website i informed that is a truly a scam. the same person details of the said person,

    Mike Johnson.
    Delivery Diplomat

    Dhh Courier Service
    Lot 20-7(H), Third Floor Front,
    Beverly Hill Plaza,
    Jalan Bundusan, Luyang,
    Sabah, Malaysia.
    E-mail: dhhdelivery@deliveryman.com
    Tel: +60169737880

    please dont believe on that person.. all he have said is all lies,all i want is to help..
    i am concern about this lies

  21. Hi
    I purchased a packet of “Waffles English Style” from Cold Storage. It had a very awfully strong chemical taste. The product is baked by Mountain Mist (Thailand) Ltd and distributed by Menora Foods Pty Ltd. Hope your association can take further action.

    Thx and Rgds

  22. I ordered a package online from Victoria’sSecret.com in early February. They told me that my package would most likely arrive on the 23rd March. Guess what people.. it’s officially the SIXTH of APRIL and i haven’t received anything.

    I sent a complaint to VS last night and they told me that the package has already arrived blah blah blah via Brokers Worldwide. Where do international package arrive? The Malaysian custom right. Now, is there something fishy going on at the Malaysian custom? Do they STEAL or HOARD packages or something? Like “Oh, look! International package. I’ll take it home for my sayang cause after all, it’s FREE.”

    Seriously, i’m starting to feel like nothing goes right with this country.


    Cheated by Irene (owner)

    We bought a Getha mattress here, and during purchasing discussion we double and triple confirmed we purchased a king mattress and king headboard. In the invoice, it was stated 5′ bed and mattress. We do not understand mattress talk, and hence this cheating Irene cheated us in broad daylight! Little did we know that inches constitute king or queen bed. We trusted her then, just beware that you can be cheated this way.

    When we demand for explanation after the wrong delivery, she said we never discussed King size bed at all. My husband and I are flabbergasted ! What a blatant lie ! Of course we know what we want, and that is a King size bed.

    Owner to beware of: Irene (conniving bitch alert !)

    We bought at Taman Molek branch.

    Located at: 39, 41 & 43 JALAN MOLEK 1/9, TAMAN MOLEK, 81100 JOHOR BAHRU .


    53-53A &55-55A, Jalan Badik 1, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor.

    53-53A & 55-55A, Jalan Badik 1, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru.

  24. It seems that Sue and I have the same case. My mum and I were tourists in KL for 15 days and we were approached by two young people with scratch card telling us that we could win a prize near sungei wang plaza. They brought us to the office. At first, my mum didn’t want to pay but then they would just kind of force us to give something. Fortunately my mum did a deal with them. We eventually went to the police. They did nothing for us. My stay in Malaysia was a very sad one.

  25. I’m used to visit HKL several times and it was always pleasant, but recently I’m having some problems which causing my room, kitchen and my car infested with a milky coloured creature. I went to a government hospital at Jalan Pahang (HKL) to get treatment to days ago, guess what? the doctor didn’t listen to my complaints properly and she diagnosed me with fungal infection because she didn’t find any rashes on my skin inspite me telling her that I really took care of my skin always, and my boyfiend had that desease also. After collected the prescribtions from her, I went back to her and to ask one more time, another female doctor beside her asked me wait till the last patient and the reason was there are other patients as well, I was willing to wait actually, then, when finally I went in, I told her I disagree with her diagnosis, she looked worked up the that statement, the two of them suggested me to see a psychiatrist simply because I disagreed with that doctor’s opinion, I said ok, as she was writing a referer form, and the other doctor walked away, I told her that I’d suffered this desease for six weeks and I really didn’t want to go home untreated and get worst, I begged for help, she finally answered ” what do you want! so you’ll be happy with that scabies treatment?” I said “yes.” and she prescribed that. I thanked for that.
    now, I still don’t know my outcome, but I think it’s irresponsible to spread this desease to someone else and I also feel reluctant to go back to see those two doctors again. The stuffs was very nice.

  26. I saw your blog very interesting. It caught my attention and I like it. Consumers are always prefer for good quality and guranteed product or service. If ever they thought too bad for them, they want to voice out what they feel. While I do search I have found complaint search network here in Consumer Complaints. You will find here list of consumer complaint sites where consumers can give reports such as reviews or complaints of the company products and services.

  27. A few months back, I went to a Nokia road show located in front of SUNGEI WANG Plaza Bukit Bintang. Since I was interested of buying a new phone (Nokia E66), I had been informed to purchase the phone in one of the shops/stalls located inside the building which carried the NOKIA sign board.
    I went to a shop(with the NOKIA sign board) and purchased the phone. During the purchasing, I had question the sales person of the genuine of the set. Positive affirmation has been given plus directed me to go to any NOKIA service center for any service required regarding the set.
    Now, after a few months.. I had gone to the NOKIA service center at the Bukit Bintang Plaza regarding fault of the set purchased earlier. To my supprised, I’d been informed that my set is not an original set by NOKIA but it is an AP set. As a lay man person, I don’t even know what it means. After some explaination, I got it and what? I really felt cheated.
    1. I had not been informed of this double status by the sales person.
    2. Why must it be this kind of double status for a well know world brand product.
    3. Where should I go for servicing in Malaysia?
    4. Nokia warranty stated “Warranty only valid for the set purchased in Malaysia”. Why this set is not included? Is this not a NOKIA product?
    5. What is NOKIA meant? A world’s brand or a Malaysia supplier’s brand?
    6. Am I legally protected by the law to claim my money(in full) or the “original set”? From who and how?
    7. How should I go with this?
    8. Is the law has this loop hole to confuse the consumers?
    9. Wonder why this double status has not been highlighted by “NOKIA”.
    10. How many consumers actually in fact aware of this issue?
    11. Why the shop/stall does not putting a sign stated “Approved Distributer/Retailer of NOKIA AP Phones” and why it carries the NOKIA sign.
    Can someone show us the way please.
    Thank you.

  28. I used to be a regular customer to this restaurant in SS 14, Restaurant Well Cook Gourmet. Every week, I will visit there 2-3 times a week for lunch. And to the extend, I have introduced and brought lots of customers to that shop. All the while was okay until few days ago when the nightmare happened! The old couple who are the owner of the shop used to be friendly and okay until lately I found out a total different people they are. I ordered Fish Ball Soup and my friend ordered Laksa. However, after my third bite, i noticed something black in colour floating in the soup! To my horror, it was a cockroach in the SOUP!!!! My usual reaction I would shout and quickly take photo of it and give a piece of my mind to the owner. But this time, i remain calm and asked the waitress to call for the lady boss. She came over and took a look at it. Instead of saying sorry, she said it is normal to find fly, hair and even cockroach in the food. Can never prevent that and to the extend she said big restaurant like Eden also have that problem when she visited the restaurant last time! Due to I was the regular customer there, I did not make a big fuss about it. After my friend finished her meal, we went over to counter to pay for the food. I just talked to the guy boss and asked them to be careful about it. I told him, if others, they would have report this case. I was so shocked on how the owner reacted after I talked to him nicely. Instead of saying sorry, he shouted at me saying if I want to report, just go ahead. He said its normal to have such thing in the food and can’t prevent it. He said even if I report to authority, they can’t do much cause this is Malaysia!! How could he say that? Are we Malaysian deserve to eat fly, cockroach etc in our food? Just because we are Malaysian, the quality and cleanliness of the food should be compromised? He even showed me that he got Grade A by authority for cleanliness of his shop so he has nothing to be afraid of. Gosh! If you guys do not mind your food cleanliness being compromised, then you all can go ahead continue visit the shop. I just can’t believe that I was the victim that just ate the cockroach soup served by them yet I get scolded and shouted at! Most probably the food there taste nicer due to the ‘extra’ ingredient that i saw. So good luck to all of you who still insist on visiting that shop ever again!

    • Well, the owners are right!
      Malaysians are used to eating shit!
      If you get what I mean?
      This being Malaysia, what can you do?

  29. I went shopping to sg. wang plaza two weeks ago and i’ve been asked to tear an envelope and told me that i would a chance to win a car. then they brought me to their office which i didnt know the location of it. they asked a taxi for me and it took 10 minutes to get to their office. they asked me to pay rm5800 in order to pay for the government service tax and get the prizes. they brought me to the atm machine to get the money and i’ve been given a jade matress and other kitchen electrical appliances. i felt being cheated and asked them to pay back the money but they refused. then i lodged a police report and went to tribunal tuntutan pengguna. but i dont have the company’s address and information related. is there any other victims who know the company’s address and information? and what should i do if i didnt get any receipts from them to show that i’ve made payment to them, i only have atm transfer receipts. can anyone help me out of this? thank you..

  30. DATE: 11/07/2009
    TIME: 7.30pm-9.10pm
    BRANCH: Pandan Indah
    RECEIPT NO: 2095

    We ordered 12 dishes including drinks but the Garlic Cheese Fish Fillet did not arrive despite numerous requests. The crew members kept saying that they’ve checked with the kitchen, but if they really did follow up, why didn’t it arrive within an hour? We finished eating, except for my friend who ordered the Garlic Cheese Fish Fillet. We were frustrated after so many attempts of asking about it & we wanted to cancel the order (as well as for the 2nd cup of Hot Lemon Tea wordered towards the end of the meal that did not arrive at all, yet we were billed on it). Of course, we refused to pay for the ‘missing’ items. The reason given is totally unacceptable, “We’re understaffed in the kitchen”. Does this mean that the consumers have to bear the consequences of the management/crew, as well as to foot the bill for the non-arrived items? It was supposed to be a happy event for us, but it totally spoilt our evening and put a damper to one of the children’s
    birthday! Crew were totally disorganized, clueless and blur. This is totally unaccepted in this service industry. Being my second visit here, I am totally disappointed with the level of service provided on both occassions.

  31. Dear Sir,

    I am writing in regards to my recent visit to your Nike store in Pavilion Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur on 31st August 2009.

    I have made a purchase of a pair of Nike sneakers which is an on sale item discounted for 30%. I did not manage to double check the purchase as payment was made, due to the huge mess on the check- out desk as staffs were conducting routine stock checks.

    On the next day (1st September 2009), we discovered both shoes differ noticeably in colour. After a telephone call to your store personnel, he mentioned without an apology, that it is common for promotional items to have defects. We did not receive any form of acknowledgement when making this purchase, thus we felt decepted as a trusting customer.

    On 10 am, 2nd September, we were rudely serviced by 2 female sales personnel; also we were not given option other than to pick the remaining sizes but with the same kind of defect. It wasn’t until we insisted to meet the store manager then we were allowed to select another design.

    It is important for me to stress that we were most upset to receive rude treatment from staff, when this could have been amicably solved between both parties. It is crucial that your company provides training for quality staff as appalling customer services does tarnish your reputation as a branded sports gear’s name. We were very distressed with this experience at your store; we will look forward to hear from you soon.

    With regards,

  32. I had purchased a sofa set from Cavenzi Seremban branch on the 2 Aug 2009 and paid in full RM1499 for the set which was advertised and confirmed to be a fully leather L-shaped Sofa Set. When it was delivered to my house, noticed that the set was not fully leather as advised and displayed at the branch and even their promo leaflets. The branch manager named David had even came over to my house to validate that it was fully leather and had denied that it was mix leather. But nevertheless had promised for a new fully 100% genuine leather set to be sent to my house. He advised that it would take 7 working days and today is already the 14/09/2009 and have yet to receive the sofa set. I had gone to the branch today and been advised that the set was supposed to be a mix leather set and not full leather as advertised in their broachure and even as written on my receipt. I insisted on the set to be replaced and he had advised me that he would have to revert to me after checking with his bosses. This is clearly a form of fraud, I can imagine how many customers who had been cheated my this fraudulent act of extorting our hard earned money. I have advised the branch manager that if matters are not managed in accordance to my demands, I would engage my lawyers to act. PLEASE BEWARE OF PURCHASES from Cavenzi – They may have won the fair price award from the Consumer Association but does that mean at the expense of exploiting customers. Even their website published full leather – LUXE (Code 623). Please respond if I could expose them and do rights for Customers through out our region.

  33. Dear All,

    Good Effort keep it up, hope you all can visit NCCC for your complaints, so that NCCC can also help you all..

    Thanks in advance

  34. I have sign up for Maxis wireless Brandband Promotion on 14/01/2008.

    Which the package free one Hewlett Packard notebook for sign up with 2 years wireless broadband , installment with credit card payment RM 178 for 24 months.

    I have use this services since 2008,the speed was satify,

    But since July 2009 ,i find out that the surf net speed was very poor ,so call to Maxis service centre, they reply to me that my package have


    After using 3GB,the speed will slow ,BUT

    the package i sign was :DATA UNLIMITED PACKAGE.

    so what i can i do with this CHEATING service BY MAXIS ? what the right way & department i should write to ?

  35. dear sirs,

    i like to fishing,due to working i prefer to fish at pay pond instead of going to sea.
    recently pandamar(near west port) had a new saltwater paypond and it operate about 3 months.
    it charged us about 3 hours for RM52 and it stated put 2Kg above fish but recently the pond owner mix with 1.5Kg,1.4Kg and even 1.1kg fish in his pond.
    here i would like to know is there any rights for the consumer like us who go to fish in their pond?

  36. Bella Skin USJ branch
    Very disappointed with Bella Skin service. My facial appointments had been canceled twice continuously by giving me stupid excuses saying the beautician I booked was on leave and another time on MC. They informed me only on a day before and said all other beauticians were fully booked. Both of my appointments were booked up to 3 weeks before. Isn’t it ridiculous? Is this their marketing strategy? If not I fully paid the package, I would just walk off! And all you know the package not cheap, it was few thousands!!!

  37. Venue: Digital Mall Seks 14
    Comp: Vistasom Technology
    Date: 25/11/2009

    I bought an external hard disk casing for my current hard disk as the power supply to the current one is broken. After bout 3 months, i find that there is something wrong with the hard disk. The power supply to the hard disk is normal, onli that the computer is not detecting the hard-disk, so i guess that something wrong with the usb connector.

    Therefore i took it to the shop at section 14 demanding for a check on the hard disk. All the salesperson says is that, ‘there is no warranty for casing’. So i ask him, what u recommend to do. Then he replied, ‘change a new one’. I feel that i have been scammed. This is a brand new electrical product, how can it get broken in 3 month time. I did not even ask for a brand new one, just to check wats wrong with it. The salesperson did not even bother looking at it or testing it. all he said is, no warranty on the casing, change a new one.

    What sort of service is that??? i took the hard disk to other shop for testing, the tech told me that there is nothing wrong with my hard disk, so i guess its the faulty casing that i bought 3 months ago. I have to purchased a brand new one and the owner have warranty me for a year. I think Malaysia government should set a law for a year warranty on all electonic products and also other relevant products. This is to protect our consumers right.

    So i would advice to people, not to go to this VISTACOM TECHNOLOGY for any of your computer service. Its not the money that counts but its the quality of service we get. I am so intent to goto this company and complaint to this stupid owner that what such service you are providing. Arghhhhhhh

  38. Cavenzi Showroom at Giant Bukit Indah

    In end of November i bought a sofa-set from the above showroom, it was delivered to me without the 10years waranty card. i had demanded the sales representative who named Xiao Xiao to post it out to me as i was unable to collect from the showroom which is far away from my house. I waited and never received anything after 1 month, i called her up to check but didnt get any update afterwhich. 1 week later i called her again and found that she quit from Cavenzi. My case is not settled and hanging there with nobody follows up. i called to the showroom but got the very bad response too. It makes me very furious as their attitude is so bad and irresponsible. There is no service at all after delivery. i am so much REGRETTED that bought the sofa-set from CAVENZI. NEVER and FORGET CAVENZI, the lousiest furniture company that i had ever dealed before, irresponsible and not professional at all.
    i could not find any customer service or feedback centre from any CAVENZI web, who else can i write to as to launch my complaint? and i’d like to raise the alerts to people who is looking for furnitures, not to buy anything from CAVENZI, NEVER NEVER and NEVER.

  39. very hard to find ron97 petrol, pls let all petrol station have ron 97 like the other. k.l area did have ron 97 i always need to go 9 mile cheras refill my petrol.

  40. I signed up for an accountancy program at Jasa accountancy in Jalan Sultan on Practical Accounting, I was under the impression that this was going to be an accounts class for the working class, but apparently this is just something like a tuition center for secondary school students. The receptionist told me that it is aimed at the “working class”, quote “secondary school students only come in once in a blue moon” end quote, but when I went to the class it was all secondary school students. After the first class I decided to quit.

    The person teaching there was a very rude. He does not want to answer any questions and when confronted with a question he will reply that the question is very stupid and it shows that the university that I went to doesn’t know any accounting. My degree is tied with a australian college and costs around 22k per year, but somehow it is wrong.

    Right now I want to get my money back, but he doesn’t want to refund me.

  41. Found your blog on Yahoo and was so glad i did. That was a warming read. I have a quick question.Is it OK if i send you an email???…

    62-68 JALAN DEDAP 4 ,
    81100 JOHOR BAHRU,

    Ladies & Gentleman,

    Just want to share the my experince buyng furniture at this HUP LEE funiture shop.

    Last month ago, I went to this shop buying furniture for my house such as 2 bed rooms set, sofa, dining table and so on. Total pruchase amount after discount is about RM10k. With the downpayment 30%, they have agree 70% after good delivered. Before one week they delivered, they request me pay another 70% before they delivered. Otherwise, they won’t delivered furniture to me! Seem I have not choice as I din’t pay it, I will loss RM3k. So I pay it before goods have been delivered.
    Unfortunately, I found that a few items such side table & chair no match with the receipt as promised early. So I call the onwer (Ms.wong) and ask them changed a correct item for me. However, the onwer advise me if you want to change, please come to their shop to change. Otherwise, purchase another unit of side table and chair, so they can delivered to me! Oh, my god, how they can do this? As we are a customer, and the furniture shop is doing the wrong thing, why we need pay extra for the other people fault. In addition, since I already pay full amount, they insist don’t want change for me, what I can do?

    I really consumer ministry must look into this matter seriously as I believed that still have some customer face a same problem as me. As my understanding, this furniture shop able to do this because don’t have any law or regulation restrict their behaviour.

    I was very disappoined the customer service that provided by this furniture shop. Thus, I appeal ladies and gentleman if you want to buy furniture, please go to another furniture shop. Otherwise, you might in the dark hole as me. Thanks.

    I hope get the reply from somebody else to help to reslove this issues. Many thanks.


    • Hi All,

      Yes, please take note this shop as i also encounter very bad experience with this shop as well. I bought 3 bedroom sets on Oct’10 cost me total 6k++ When the goods arrived, they miss out the headboard on the 1st delivery. Later they sent the headboard but the boards have some scratches/black mark but we only request them to replace the white headboard as that is more obvious and they agreed but until today (8th Jan 2011) still not settle yet.

      So i keep calling them to follow up, they have 2 times they said they will come to replace, but finally not come at all…… i purposely wait them until night but not come at all.

      So please must be alert before you consider to buy furniture from this shop.

  43. ALL,
    Please backlist

    To everyone,
    just want to share my experience after using service of TOPFORM Waterproofing Specialist & Const.,in Ampang Area,Kuala Lumpur .I hope that you will not be next VICTIM.

    The worker of Top Form came to my house for repair and maintainance of toilet on 7 december 2009.
    They changed the flush pump(2 sets),toilet wave(3sets),water tap,and repair leaking of my sinky.
    They charged me RM 800.They guaranteed me that the material have warranty.

    Well,after 3 days,all sets the materials provided by are malfunction and my sinky leaks again.So,i called them for service for several times..

    ok,After one month,a man from Top Form came .The irresponsible man just said the material is broken and it is unexpected.so,no warranty for the materials..
    Oh my god,i paid Rm 800 for nothing..

    Now,i am still calling THEM,012-2302370(Mr Lim) and 0163932348(Mr Lee or Irene).
    Irene just said she has informed her boss,Mr Lee.
    Day by the day,It remains unsolved…

    so,anyone can come to my help and guide to resolve this issue.Thanks.

    • I totally agree with you. I had just encountered the same situation as you. Once i found out what they charged is not compatible with the work they had done, i called and complaint but they kept pushing the responsibility to each other and eventually don’t even want to pick up my call. Which department should i go for and take action against such a company?

  44. TESCO SP Selatan is cheating in price charges on customer. please have a look. copied of receipt available upon request.


    Nama : En. Jamal Afkal Bin Ismail
    Alamat : No. 20, Jalan Jasa 1/54B,
    Taman Medan Pejasa,
    46000 Petaling Jaya
    Selangor Darul Ehsan

    dan No. Tel. saya : 019-2864732

    No. Account ASTRO : 080612774-0

    Saya sangat KECEWA dan sangat MARAH terhadap perkhidmatan ASTRO kerana telah banyak kali membuat aduan dan laporan saya kepada pihak ASTRO tetapi sehinnga kini pihak ASTRO tidak menunaikan PERKHIDMATAN PEMBAIKKAN SALURAN kepada saya disebabkan semua saluran sehingga kini tarikh 18hb February 2010 tidak dapat di tonton kami sekeluarga.

    Saya telah banyak kali membuat aduan kerosakkan mengenai ASTRO di rumah saya.

    Aduan 1. ~ Tarikh 08 February 2010

    Aduan 2. ~ Tarikh 11 February 2010 (No. Laporan 10209782)

    Aduan 3. ~ Tarikh 13 February 2010 (No. Laporan 10209782)

    Aduan 4. ~ Tarikh 15 February 2010 (No. Laporan 10209782)

    Aduan 5. ~ Tarikh 16 February 2010 (No. Laporan 10209782)

    Aduan 6. ~ Tarikh 18 February 2010 (No. Laporan 10209782)

    No. telephone yang saya hubungi pihak ASTRO 1300-82-3838 dan No. telephone pihak Technician ASTRO 03-79802614

    Sehingga kini (Tarikh 18 February 2010/ Khamis) masih tiada seorang Technician pun dari pihak ASTRO yang membuat panggilan kepada saya untuk memperbaiki kerosakkan ASTRO dirumah saya.

    Disini saya ingin menarik perhatian kepada Pihak yang bertanggung jawab bagi menyelesaikan Aduan saya ini dan memanjangkan Laporan yang saya buat ini kepada Pihak Kementerian Penerangan Malaysia yang telah memberi Lesen dan Kepercayaan kepada Pihak ASTRO yang tidak BERTANGGUNG JAWAB.


    jadilah Slogan YB Dato’ Perdana Menteri kita…


    • saya juga pernah mengalami masalah dengan astro.call astro costumer care byk kali,tetapi tida tindakan/jalan terakhir,saya pergi pejabat astro jb.selepas komplen,baru masalah selesaiharap anda ke pejabat astro .

  46. On 8th March about 4.30pm I went to Color Culture (OPI nail bar) at Pavilion to redeem a free gift as per their Alice In wonderland advertisement in GSC. The promotion banner did not mention gifts are available until stock lasts. So when I approached the shop one of the employee (I believe a color artist) told that they dont have anymore. So I told them, but your advertisement does not say anything about while stock last. I then asked is there any other branch I can get this offer redeemed as I vaguely remembered mention about another branch.

    She replied “no” first and then checked with her superviser without asking me to wait and continued to talk back with her other friends who were standing together chit chatting at the counter. The way she responded my question as well as ignored me made me unhappy. So I told them this is not right, you did not mention about this – this is like cheating and I walked off (as they are not serving/paying attention to me anymore).

    After walking about a hundred meter I returned back to the shop and I asked that particular person her name and told her I wish to complain as I found her service inappropriate. She said she wont tell her name and she told me that I was rude. So I asked the supervisor what Is the girl’s name. The supervisor did not tell the girl’s name as well and told that she was over phone when this whole incident happened.

    So I told the girl and the supervisor that when I asked about if other branch offers same promotion the answer should not be “no” if she does not know. The answer should be “please wait a while, let me check back with my supervisor”. Besides I really did not like how the girl behaved. At this point the girl who was standing there told, you complain you complain la. At this point I told them, ok, since you wont tell your name I will take all the call card that is available here and I will file a complain for bad service.

    The call cards I took was – Cindy Cheang, Vivian Teh, Sammy Ong, Grace Woon, Janice Soh. The girl responsible was short bob hair with thick black glass.

    I found the overall service and behavior rude as well as their promotion misleading. If the promotion depended on availability of the stock, it should be mentioned. I believe this will mislead many other people who will get disappointed just like me and end up facing bad behavior from the employees.

  47. On the 1st March 2010, I went to TM Point Kajang Branch to upgrade my streamyx account from RM88 to BlockBuster Deals (Transform Your Home), and on the sport I ask the information counter about this package whether I qualify to have this package even I am an existing user, and the information counter told me that “yes, you can enjoy the benefit by RM110 permonth include free wifi modem, free dect phone, free calls to TM fixed line nationwide, and Flat rate, which already state in the broacher. So I press the button number to process to counter for register. When my turn is come, i went to customer counter to register and the customer services officer name Noorliyza Rosli told me she will help me to check again whether i have qualify or not, and the answer is yes and also told me that the WIFI modem can collect on the sport and for Dect phone will be send to my house address, also said that I have to wait for 2 weeks and also a call to inform me that the activite for Free calls and Flat rate effective, so the register is process. After 2 weeks saturday morning (13th March 2010) I went to TM point kajang to ask about my free Dect Phone at the information counter and the officer told me that i need to call 100 for further information, and also said that TM Point Kajang not the one to send out Dect Phone to customer is from HQ the one to send out. So after that when i reach home and immediately i call the HQ Customer Service 100 and ask my Free Dect Phone, and I surprise that told me I not qualify for the Dect Phone, as I upgrade my streamyx for the free Dect Phone is qualify for new user. and I did ask where is the Term and Conditions and they can’t answer me after that cut off my line. After that on Monday (15th March 2010) I call 100 again and ask where is my Free Dect Phone, again this time i write down the call centre in charge my call for that day name Huda, she also told me that I not qualify to have that Dect Phone, and she said she need to investigate with the Kajang Branch why they give wrong information to customer. Also at the same time I ask when the broacher didn’t mention that and she told me that i need to call 100 or go to their website to check. But my question is I went to TM Point Kajang by myself and ask, and HQ claims that that branch give wrong information. So if every need to call 100 then what is the branch doing. I only feel that i’m like a ball for them to kick here and there, still no anwer and i already sign up that package. And the broacher the give out also can’t be trusted. TM really cheating their customer

    • Hi,
      I met the same issue with you yesterday. But the TM net officer told me, I will have the Dect phone if we upgrade the internet access speed.. our internet access speed is still same.. 1Mbps… so not consider “UPGRADE”……… = = he say I can get the phone iff i take the rm130 package.

  48. I use to subcribe to maxis but terminated their services on the 21 Dec 2009 after paying the full bill amount. due to maxis delay I only managed to transfer my line to Celcom on 26 Dec 2009. Since then I have been trying to get my deposit of RM 175.00 from Maxis without much success. I HAVE BEEN LIED TO BY THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICES WHO HAVE GIVING FALSE PROMISESS. Everytime their answer is” being processed and you will get your cheque next week” . Lies after lies and still no refund of my deposit. Not only their service is useless, they are also lairs. what can I do?

  49. I was not satify with the service and attitude one of Local Salon that I have been signed package for few session of facial treatment 2 years ago.

    Recently, I am not welling to continue their treatment but I still have facial treatment balance that I have signed and did not used yet.

    May I claim back the money and how ?

    I am seeking your opinion and help and looking to hearing from you

    • shut up

      • nelson, i really nt sure tis is ur real name or nt..i think u should learn some manner, u behaved like street dog ok..u hav done a mistake and at the same time behave like stupit.
        1)u never read the t&C..rm50 is annual fee and service tax..annual fee can be waived if u call to customer service, service tax cant be waived, bcuz it a gov tax.
        2) supp card u mentioned, are you having any cash flow, using card for buying grossary? all this thing is only for “berlagak”.

        u knw how to mk complains only..via pymt..record must be ver bad, even to pay rm50 dragging for few months. dunno hw to pay..bt keep complaing..bodoh punya orang

  50. I had a bad experience with SCB Bank lately. Charging RM50 for all new credit card with such bad service. Is it worth it?
    FYI, since I’m busy working all the time, I need a supplementary card for my spouse to buy baby foods, groceries & household goods. Nothing been done for more than 1 mth. After sending a complaint email to them including their CEO, still nothing been done. Below are the email sent for your reference. Hope those donkeys do something about it.

    To whom it may concern,

    I wish to bring to your attention that being an international recognized banking institution, the service that was rendered to me are very unsatisfactory.

    It’s just a simple request. I’m your Malaysian customer who have made an application for supplementary card for my spouse. I had made 2 attempts since there were no reply from your so called international bank (either letter, phonecall &etc).

    Dated 8th of Mar 2010. I have to call & ask the status. An agent of yours named Ms. Dava mention to me that there are no such application made. Isn’t the fax number 03-76883566 or 03-78496868 belong to your bank or is this a bogus fax number to steal customer’s information? Moving forward, Ms. Dava advised me to refax again which I did & she even return a phonecall and confirmed that she received it & will put an URGENT request on my behalf. I was very thankful for her attentiveness to my request. I was hoping for some reply since Ms. Dava had put it as URGENT. To my amazement, there weren’t any reply at all after more than 1 month. So I made a phonecall to ask about the status again.

    Dated 11 April 2010. I spoke to a gentleman named Mr. Rizza. He checked & informed me that it’s still under process & when I ask when, he said that the last interaction was 31 Mar. That’s very strange. The reason why I capitalized the word URGENT is that there is no urgency at all from you. What is URGENT if it’s taking you more than 1 month to process a simple request? For whatever reason it may be, please tell and notify your customer accordingly & don’t let them wait and wait and wait. There are other banking institution I can refer to & 1 less customer for you!

    Don’t say URGENT for the sake of just saying it. Action speaks louder than words. It’s either your URGENT is 1 month or something is really wrong somewhere. It’s either your people or your procedures. Also, your after sales service don’t seem to be streamlined with your Principles & Values (under Commitment to stakeholders: *Customers – Passionate about our customers’ success, delighting them with the quality of our service). Well to be frank, it’s just BS. If you’re not sure what BS is, call me! I’ll be glad to explain it to you.

    You’re institutions seems to be very aggressive in making money by your telesales asking customer & me included to apply personal loans, cash advance & etc. But when I request for just 1 supplementary card for my spouse, nothing happen. Perhaps you’re practicing double standards. I wouldn’t know. If I was somebody with a title, would I be having this issue?

    For your records, this is my 2nd incident with your banking institution. Not sure what I’m talking about, go & check. Oh, I forgot, you guys don’t keep any records of your customer interaction history.



  51. Di malaysia semua meter air yang digunakan oleh syarikat air swasta untuk mengenakan bayaran kepada pengguna tidak ditentusahkan oleh mana-mana badan yang berkecuali.Meter air yang digunakan tidak sah dari segi undang-undang dan syarikat telah melakukan kesalahan kerana menggunakan meter yang tidak ditentusahkan di bawah Akta timbang dan Sukat 1972

  52. I had bad experience with Tadika Adinda “British Montessori Preparatory School” located in Taman TAR Ampang. I have made an official complaint to the ministry but I had been informed tht nothing can be done as there is no “clause” or “act” can be used for private school unless if the school is under the Ministry. My complaint were: 1) no receipt been given after payment made 2) my kid was kicked out of the school with no advance notice and for unaccepatable reason ( receive negative comment from parents) – scolding me infront of my son, her friends, teachers and his friends parents 3) refuse to give full refund since the principal.
    I wish there is something could be done as it’s really frustrating to know that there is nothing we can do about this.

    • Dear Mrs Mawar, kindly withdraw your defamatory remarks from this web-site or face a defamation suit.

      1. As per normal practise, your receipts were issued and left for collection by either you or your husband. If you needed another copy, we can easily photocopy the copy of our receipt book at your request, which you never have.

      2. You were asked to take your son and leave the school premises due to your and your husband’s unreasonable behavior. The nature of the behavior was such that it did not merit any advance notice. Also, the kind which we will not elaborate here.

      2. You are in fact not entitled to any refund on fees whatsoever, however we did say that we would refund a portion of the unused yearly fees to enable you to register your son at another school, but we received notice of numerous complaints filed by both you and your husband Mr Shamil with both the Dept of Education and Ministry of Education.

      We had advised you to wait for their investigations and reports. During our interview with both reps from the Dept and Ministry we had indicated that we would issue a cheque for a sum and hand it to the Dept to call you to collect as you had made numerous untrue allegations in your complaints and as such we wanted the Dept of Education to act as a witness to the fact that you had recevied a refund.

      This matter is complicated and drawn out due to your unreasonable and untrue accusations and continual complaints on frivilous and unrelated matters.

      Further to the above you have insinuated that Tadika Adinda does not fall under the perview of the Ministry of Education, thus implying that the school is not duely registered.

      Kindly take note that we take great offence at such comments and require a public apology from you.

      Kindly contact the Selangor Dept of Education (Bahagian Sekolah Swasta) and deal with them.

  53. I am an expatriate in Kuala Lumpur so I don’t know where to complain but I need to dispose my anger so I found this web site.
    I bought a bag of Organic Sesame Seeds from Sunway Pyramid Jusco in Petaling Jaya. They were much more expensive than a regular bag but I thought it will be worth to pay for better quality. I didn’t keep the receipt. I didn’t think I would need the receipt just for a bag of “Sesame Seeds”. In the evening, I wanted to use them and before opening the bag, I saw several bugs inside the bag alive and moving.It was disgusting. The following day I took back the bag to the store and told them I wanted to change it with some other product. They said without the receipt they could only change it to the same product. I checked another bag and it had the same bugs. At the end, I left the store with the same bag with bugs walking inside. Now, ok maybe I should have kept the receipt but more important is Jusco shouldn’t be selling a product with bugs insideand they should have paid more attention to my complaint. That product is still on the shelves. They did nothing about it.

  54. My hubby bought a Jesus Christ cross mounted with stones from this store called Scorpion Silver (a.k.a. Dragon Silver) at Sunway Pyramid late evening (22 April 2010). It was apparently a surprise present for me.

    Men usually do not check the product when buying. What’s more the extremely glaring spot lights obviously deter buyer from examine the product thoroughly.

    The next day (23 April 2010), it happened that I checked the product with a powerful magnifier (20x lense) and found that one of the stones mounted was disallocated and chipped.

    Immediately, I called up the sales personnel if I could exchange for the same model. Not only she’s rude, she shrugged me off saying customers should have checked thoroughly thus not exchangeable and not refundable. I argued the receipt never stated so and their business etiquette is very improfessional. And its impossible examining thru naked eyes! Asked if she could do so, she won’t be able what’s more to customers?

    She further claimed her product was in good condition and I could have dropped on the floor causing the damaged. I do not want to tolerate her behaviour as she’s talking senseless argument thus prompted me to write into this website cautioning other consumers to beware of such after-sale service.

    Please take extra precaution when the receipt did not state the business registration address and contact, email should there any avenue to forward a complaint.

  55. Regency Tanjung Tuan – Poor quality apartments.

    We booked a 3 room apartment at Regency Tanjung Tuan for the 1st and 2nd of May (Apartment A-9-4) based on the pictures on the website.

    When we checked in we were most disappointed.

    1. The apartment was not cleaned throughly.
    – there were food stains on the carpet from the previous tenant
    – there were soap sediments on the sink and bathroom

    2. The plumbing was bad
    – twice the water burst from the taps wetting the whole place
    – once it was hot water which nearly scalded one of us
    – the water was brown in colour which forced us to buy additional water for washing and drinking

    3. The in house television channel was hopeless (very bad signals).

    4. Very bad service
    – we asked to change our apartment but was not entertained
    – we needed to wait 1 1/2 hours to get an extension cord
    – we called plumbing to address the faulty taps but no one came (only after repeated calls did they come).

    At check-out we requested to see the manager but the manage was ‘busy’ and we wanted to lodge a formal complaint but was asked to do online.

    We made a complaint to the available email online. However, its been more than a week and there has been no response.

  56. Dear Sir,

    I have acne & pimple problem so I signed up a package with New York Skin Solution early this year, where the consultant claim that they guarantee to solve my issue by the end of 20 sessions.

    However, after going through 10 sessions with them, my skin condition got worse & they request their specialist to help me do extraction. I have serious breakout after that & they tell me it’s normal. Fine, i went for anoher few sessions but not much improvement.

    When I request to cancel the balance 6 times of the package for a refund, they refuse the suggestions & say that they do not give refund to customers.

    I am very unsatisfied with their service, they request for 5 star price but their service is = 0 star!!!

    Is there any way that I can get a refund from them?

    • I also signed up with new york skin solution for pimple problem. I took collagen treatment which cost me about rm4000.

      But my problem is, after going through 3 session treatment i realize that they actually dont put any
      collagen at my face.i ask my consultant for that, and she gave me a silly answer that all the treatment is based with collagen without put any collagen.

      i hope some one will do an action to them. they are just easily lie to people and charge with unreasonable price. And customer lost their money for nothing.

      • Hai Fiza and May Lee. I rasa u dah kena tipu kot. Last time i pun macam u jugak nak cantiklah tapi last-last jadi macam hantu. I tau macamana rasanya bila kita berhadapan dengan orang ramai dalam keadaan wajah kita yang tak cantik. Bapak i ada pergi ke Vietnam dan ada beli sejenis bedak yang di buat dari pokok tanakha dan limau nipis. I pakai macam pakai bedak sejuk kat rumah. U tau tak cuma 1 minggu muka i jadi bersih dan cerah. Jerawat dan parut pun dah jadi pudar. U tau tak berapa harganya…….cuma Rm10 aje. Cheap and good…..dah hampir 1 tahun i pakai. If u nak cuba u email address u ok. Manalah tahu kot-kot boleh sesuai dengan u.

  57. Anyone know is the tesco and giant 7 days no question ask refund still effective?

  58. I have encountered this incident recently.I have purchased a vegetarian mutton from the refregerated food section of Jusco Permas Jaya and cooked my lunch the next day.Myself , husband and father in law who have eaten the lunch had severe headache and vomiting.I have called Jusco Permas Jaya to lodge my complain.The representative have come after few strong persuasion from us and have taken the food for proper lab test.But to my great dismay after three weeks, no update been given to us and when we have enquired with the Store Manager of Jusco Permas Jaya she had given a common answer her boss is travelling and so on.When we demanded for an answer, she replied that the sample been sent back to the food supplier.I feel very bad on the overall Malaysian culture of attending to any Customer Complain and the our right as Customer.

  59. Little Blossom in Setia Alam Section 8 after received my half yearly assessment fee in June, our 3yr old was to be dismissed due to lack of communication!( a 3yr old) We request for the assessment to be refund but got rejected:- reason becoz the fee is for worksheet! and they cannot provide us any breakdown for the amount! what kind of pre-schooler worksheet that costs RM360.00!? Besides this there are numerous outrageous events which will take pages to write. Upset and felt cheated at the same time, if you are living in setial alam and looking for a nursery for your kids please beware of this nursery unethical conduct not only their assessment fees are above market rates their montly fees are much higher too compare to others nursery around. I found out about this after we were shown the door. Lack of exprience and connection we got bullied and cheated for 7 months, i hope this will help the parents out there do be careful so you will not go thru what we have been thru. p.s if you know any department that can help us to get back our fees do reply me. thanx !

  60. I recently subscribed to Celcom broadband for RM68 per month. In my last July statement, there was a notice that “additional RM2 will be charged for printed bills & additional RM1 for itemised billing” effective 1 August 2010. However, I was charged an additional RM3.95 in the July statement already! When I called Celcom to ask for clarification 3 weeks ago, I was told that they “charged in advance”. I could not understand how the calculations was made and the customer service person could not explain it to me clearly either and put me on hold for a very long time. I was told they would reply me in 5 working days and I am still waiting.
    I feel very cheated as Celcom seems to be taking advantage to presume to charge me the additional costs in advance. There is no transparency as to how these additional charges are being calculated and these additional charges were lumped in with call charges. The call supervisor tried to explain the additional charges which confused me even more – because my billing cycle was half July + half August, therefore I was charged for 2 months on the additional fees with 1 month in full + 1 month prorated. Huh??? If the additional charge is effective as of 1 August, shouldnt it be prorated for the August portion? However it seems I was charged for the full month of August. And as for the other prorated month, I still do not know how/what that is calculated.
    The other part is, if we celcom customer do without hardcopy statements, we have to check via e-billing but their customercare portal is so slow and inaccessible and does not connect at all with error messages or busy notice – this poor back up web service is terrible!

  61. My family was looking forward to an enjoyable stay at Magellan Hotel, Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah however it turned out to be a very bad experience.

    First of all, the room was not ready when we wanted to check in on 8 august. We were first given room no. 6343, then the guest service told me the room was not ready as it was not cleaned up yet. Therefore, they assigned us to room no. 7313.

    We waited more than half an hour for our luggages and I had to personally go down to the concierge to found out where our luggages was. Then only I saw that our luggages were tagged to room no. 6343 at the concierge area.

    The most upsetting experience was on the night of 9 August. We took the hotel city shuttle bus service at Wisma Merdeka at 8.25PM and got down at KK Plaza to buy some things at the supermarket.

    We informed the bus driver that we will take the 9.30pm at KK Plaza to go back to the hotel. When the shuttle service arrive at 9.30pm at KK Plaza, we were not allowed to board the city shuttle. Reason being the bus driver gave was only 1 seat left.

    I was with my 2 year old son, my mother of 68 years old and husband.

    There was another two male hotel guests who were waiting with us at KK Plaza. They had to walk all the way back to the hotel as they could not get a taxi. Would they still want to stay at your hotel next time?

    Imagine my family being stranded at this area and the place was dark. We could only manage to get a taxi back to the hotel at 10.45PM. My son was so scared and kept asking me how come we could not get on the bus.

    The bus driver should have told us earlier that we could only board the bus if there were enough seats available OR come and pick us up after dropping the other passengers OR informed the hotel to arrange a taxi for us.

    We have already told him at 8.30PM at Wisma Merdeka that we will take the shuttle service back to the hotel at 9.30pm at KK Plaza. Why would we have waited if we knew we could not board the bus!!!

    They came back with a reply that they are sorry only. i did not expect this from a 5 star hotel with a 1star service.

  62. My name is darshan dholakiya from india. I ordered an iphone 4G 32GB at $ 300 to cosmos electronics. I make payment on 16-08-2010 from my HDFC BANK to AMBANK (M) BERHAD. My HDFC BANK & it’s CORRESPONDENCE BANK both are said that the payment is credited in ROSE ANTON’S credit card account. BUT ROSE ANTON says that the payment is not reflex in my account.

    plz help me what can i do?

  63. saya hendak complain di sini …
    saya bernama tan swee leng jawatan berkerja sebagai maintenance technician beberapa tahun lalu
    saya berkerja di sebuah syarikat swasta dan masa itu saya mengikut bos saya berkerja di westport klang masa itu bos saya mencuri cabel elektrik di wesport dan masa itu awak orang cctv sudah nampak dan sudah saman bos saya RM3000 dan sudah selesai kes ini dan sampai bulan lalu saya nampak jawatan kosong di westport dan saya pun pergi ke westport sana interview dan sudah comfirm saya bekerja di sana tapi saya kena register itu pas keluar masuk sampai hari itu tiada sebarang berita mengenai pas tersebut dan masa itu saya direct call ke 03-31694000 sambungan ke 137 dan saya tanya dan pegawai menjawab saya soalan sebegini awak di dapati kes polis dan awak tidak boleh masuk berkerja di westport buat selama-lamanya dan masa itu saya sangat -sangat kecewa dengan wesport menagement kerana bukan salah saya yang salah ialah bos saya dan saya sudah 7 -8 tahun sudah tiada berkerja sama dia so apa kesalahan saya dan ini tidak fair kalau ada apa pertanyaan boleh terus call saya di talian 016-2690089

  64. today i top-up RM20 for my xpax in order to activate my broadband weekly so after i’m using sms to activate but when i sent broadband yes after broadband weekly, there was no sms reply to state that whether is activated or not so i type broadband status than it reply was my account still not activate for any broadband but when i check to my account balance is RM0. I called to careline they also didn’t know where’s the RM20 gone?? they gave me a report no. c100907-24054927. and it takes 3 to 7 days to solve my problem, it’s really make me very unsatisfied. with this kind of SYSTEM PROBLEM i’m losing interested of using celcom broadband….

  65. I have purchase a ticket – 1 night stay (Family suite) at Bukit Gambang Resort City during the MATTA FAIR 2010 for RM339.00.

    Due to my busy work schedule I overlooked the expire date – the voucher expired on 31st August, 2010. I realize it on 17th September, 2010 and immediately called Bukit Gambang Resort City enquires office to appeal for extension.

    But sad to say, the sales executive has denied my appeal saying that I should have called them early and there is nothing can be done by them. “So sorry, we can do anything” that was their answer for my appeal.

    I was so dissappointed. Is there anywhere I can get an extension or any solution for this problem? Any advice? Please help…

  66. Pada 25 September 2010, jam lebih kurang 1:50 petang, selepas membeli belah, saya memandu keluar dari kawasan Tesco Extra menuju ke pintu utama dengan kelajuan yang minima. Sesampainya di hadapan setor yang menempatkan troly, saya terdengar bunyi sesuatu menghentak kereta saya. Apabila saya berhenti dan periksa, didapati terdapat sebuah troly dari setor troly yang terbuka telah menghentak pintu belakang sebelah kiri kereta saya. Pintu itu bercalar dan kemek. Saya terus mengadu kepada Duty Manager ketika itu, seorang lelaki India dan enggan beritahu namanya(name tagnya tiada). Beliau dengan kata-kata yang yang agak kasar, terus menafikan segalanya tanpa bersoal siasat terlebih dahulu. Katanya,” You want to make complaint go ahead. Nobody can do anything about this and no compensation will be made!” Penyelia yang bersama dia bernama Noor Hazliza (atau Noor Hazlina) turut back up pengurusnya tadi dan juga mengeluarkan kata-kata yang tidak mesra pelanggan. Saya berasa sungguh tidak puas hati dengan kata-kata yang tidak bertanggungjawab kedua-dua kakitangan yang mewakili pihak pengurusan Tesco Extra Ipoh ini.

  67. I had to top up my hotlink service today. I found a kiosk displaying a large Hotlink banner overhead in BB Plaza, KL. I proceeded to the counter and asked for top-up, RM30 for a colleague’s phone and another RM30 for mine. The Chinese male sales person gave me an old Nokia mobile phone with mono screen and a keypad with some numbers rubbed off. He told me to punch in the number of the mobile I wanted top-up for. I keyed in my colleague’s number and passed the phone back to him and asked to check the number as my eyesight is not 20/20. I verbally repeated the number and he confirmed it as correct. I repeated the same when topping my mobile. I received an automated notification from Maxis saying my account had been credited with RM30. With that, I left the counter.
    Some 20 minutes had passed, my colleague texted me asking if I had topped-up his phone. I replied I had. He told he hadn’t received it. Since I was in still in the shopping complex, I returned to the counter. I informed the sales person my colleague had not received the credit. He checked the phone and repeated my number, which I confirmed having received. Then he repeated my colleague’s number. Unfortunately my colleague’s number begins with ‘2’ but was keyed in by me was ‘3’. I told the sales person it should have been a ‘2’ and immediately told me it was my fault as I had keyed in the number. I admitted this but I had told him I had asked him to check what was keyed in and had also verbally repeated the number to him and he had confirmed it to be correct. He responded in a defensive manner pointing out it’s my fault and he could not do anything about it. He said ‘you go to Maxis sort problem out there’. I figured there was no point in hanging around there arguing with who clearly has no customer relation skills.
    I went to Maxis situated in the corner of the same building and stood in front the counter where a Chinese female customer relation officer was having a conversation with her colleague. She acknowledged my presence but continued with her conversation. Some moments had passed before she gave me her attention. I repeated what had happened and immediately she said in a curtly manner, ‘if it was me, it’s your fault. So you lose money!’ I said I know it’s my fault but I am hoping that you can help me with this problem. She again repeated that it was my fault. I said I am not here to point fingers though I had asked confirmation of the number from the sales person I had bought the top-up from, but here to see if Maxis can help with the problem. She then pointed out that they are not Maxis but an agent of Maxis. I told her that she and the other staff members are wearing uniform bearing Maxis logo. She repeated they are not Maxis but an agent and that I should go to Maxis and sort problem there. I could sense there was no point in wasting my time with a sales representative who lacks customer orientation and left in total disgust that Maxis would employ such a person especially in a centre where she would have to deal with number of foreign tourists requiring Maxis service.
    I called the number that was erroneously credited with the top-up. A Malay man answered. I explained the problem. He responded saying he had not checked and that he would. I said I would call in 10 minutes. Needless to say, after 5 attempts of calling him, none of my calls were responded.
    I find it infuriating with the lack of customer service and friendliness of these sales people. They clearly should not be in front line as a representative of a company like Maxis which is proudly Malaysian. They can do harm and tarnish the image of Maxis within minutes that Maxis has taken many years to build. They should remain in an industry that are suited to their temperament until they have fully exorcised their bad and ugly habits, until they are in a sophisticated mindset to assimilate with other people displaying a correct form of etiquette and basic human respect. But if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!
    I also find it incredulous that a man would sell his integrity for a mere RM30……what happened to budi bahasa, budaya kita?……..maybe balik kampung?
    The government has got it so wrong with this slogan. Budi Bahasa is not our Budaya Kita but it SHOULD be our budaya.

  68. I had just eaten the most expensive mee goreng seafood in my life time. I been to this shop call Yu Hing at city mall kota kinabalu and ordered the fried noodle and a cup of chrysanthemum tea. it dropped my jaw when the staff told me the total is Rm14. With doubt, i called the boss and asked about the price again and he told me the mee itself is Rm11, i asked him what is the normal price, he said normal fried with pork is rm6.50. this is seafood which is slightly expensive..Im wondering the 2 prawns and some sotongs put inside worth RM4.50. there are no price sign inside shop, neither they gave us a menu. Its non air conditioner shop and i waited 15 mins for the food. Do you think is reasonable? Can authority do something abt it?

    KK Consumer

    • Try being an ‘orang putih’ in Malaysia……..many cut-throats here waiting for the opportunity for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.
      I hope we Malaysians get the same treatment when overseas!

  69. i hereby urge for a better solution on the service of PLUS PROJECTOR U5-111 which was told to place deposite of rm500 on the bulb of rm1350, which later after the bulb was delivered then only told by technical people was not the bulb issue! What could be a better solution?

    r they adhere to the policy they advertise on the website as below?

    We Care for Customers
    Here at DSOP, customers always come first. That’s our policy. Essential products are stocked to meet customers’ demands, new products are recommended to customers and periodical promotions are organised, all to the benefits of our customers. Should any customer require something out of the ordinary, we have our sourcing and technical support teams.

  70. Me and my husband puchased the time-share from Berjaya Vacation Club in 2000 for RM33,000. At time of purchase, we were told that it has access to all local resort for free and we will need to pay minimum surchage for Affiliate hotels, where Berjaya hotels are not available.

    Recently, when i tried booking online, i noticed most of the Berjaya hotels are classified as ‘Affiliate hotel’ and we need to pay to additional to book hotels. Please advice.

    This is absolutely unfair to customers. We are also not allowed to cancel membership nor eligible for refunds. What can we do to protect such schemes?

    Sree & KB

    • Sorry to hear that you are another victim. I’ve heard this from many friends and others since many years ago. At one point, these so-called VIP members (supposedly being treated as “as and when” you can book the hotel anytime) were denied hotel booking, for allegedly that the hotel occupancies were full during peak/holiday season. And much surprisingly, some to the extend that the bookings be made at least one year advance. However, non-members even can get the booking at the very last minute (but of course pay a little extra). So, you guys get it?

  71. I rented my house in JB to a family from 3 years ago (2007). Everything was fine until the tenant had money problems and stopped paying. After a few months, i asked TNB to cut the electricity from the house. TNB however did not cut it due to :
    1) The tenant used a “contact” to ask TNB not to cut electricity 2) After 2 months when they finally cut, tenant used contractors to put back the fuse and continue getting electricity.

    The electricity bill racked up to RM9000 when we finally managed to get the tenant out. Now we are stuck with a huge bill and TNB refuse to even hear out our case. I feel TNB should at least give a discount for being irresponsible and not cutting the electricity. How can they let the bill for a bungalow house come up to RM9k without cutting anyway?

    Anyone who can help me, please do….

  72. Airpak Courier Service

    1. I had fax document to arrange pick up and call them on the day for reminder. Yet, it is not being pick up on the day required. Reason given : they are busy and Cyberjaya very far.
    Question : if the place not far why should I engage your pick up service while I can get it if nearby?

    Should I wait till your side free only I can arrange the pick up service?

    2. When is pick up, they didn’t send to back to me as schedule. Reason? No driver, all temporary driver. They even ask me to go their office to collect the document.
    Question : why should I fax the document while they don’t follow the date of pick up? And I need to be their temporary driver also?

    3. When a document send out but the office moved partially. I had called up giving Airpak contact number informing that there will be person waiting for the document. Yet, it didn’t reach there and they send to another place. Plus, Airpak deny that I had give them the information and claiming they did not receive anything from me!
    Question : Why should I write the address while the courier company have the “creativity” and “initiative” to send the document without following what is written or instructed verbally. Plus without informing too and it took one day to figure out where the document had been sent!

    And why should I call them to give all the contact person detail while they deny receiving it and not following it? Even when I talk to the person in Airpak directly saying there will be someone waiting, she can say I didn’t say such thing her. Tho my colleague was there heard our conversation confirmed that I say that to her.

    Is it a new way for customer service trained to hang up customer call without saying thank you or good bye? The customer service in Airpak hang up my call twice! Even tho I made the complaint after the 1st time hang up.

  73. Dear sir/madam,

    On 24/04/2010, I had purchased a sofa set and had visited the showroom many times to admire the product as the color chosen was the same and delivery wasn’t due till several months later.

    10 days before the due date, my wife and I visited the showroom again to reconfirm the color and were contemplating whether to take a darker color but finally settled for the lighter original showroom color as our condo gets little sunlight.

    The day finally arrived on November 2010 when the set was delivered but it wasn’t the color that my wife and I had chosen. I proceeded to call Jasmine( owner of the shop and the one who served us) to make a complaint, but she denied everything and accuse us of not checking the color code(which is in fact; internal matters, all I know is that we had chosen the showroom color).

    I showed her the photo I had taken in the showroom and the photo taken of the set delivered and it is so obvious that it was a different color but she states that it is color variation.

    She finally ask me to come by and I did about 10 days later, two of her staff was there( one male, one female), the male personnel was very sarcastic and rude and even lie to the point that he had been working there for a year and it is in fact the same color that we had received.

    It is a good thing that i have photo proofs and the difference is obvious under whatever lighting conditions as claimed by them.

    I am very disappointed as they have ruined our joyous occasion of shifting to a new home after 4 years of not having one. That is the sum of which they can never compensate.

    I thank you for your time and I hope stern action will be taken against such dishonest businessman, one who will not admit their mistakes for the sake of margins and profits.

    Warm regards,

    Kenneth Siew Mern
    Tel : +60122163113

  74. I have bought furniture from Wescourt Bandar Bukit Tinggi and was supposed to get my things on the 23rd Nov 2010 as for my coming wedding that is on the 26th November. There was no delivery, no response from them and they keep hanging up my calls to get them to talk to me. I have review other websites and to my horror, everyone post the same comment there. I hope somehting can be done against them as my big day is coming soon. I am so devastated.

  75. I am one of the most supportive customers for Tesco & every Sunday will shop in Tesco Bukit Tinggi Branch ( Klang ), here i would like to complain that several time i never received any cash vouchers. I have check with the Tesco Customer Service, the answe is the HQ already sent the vouchers & it is may be the problem from the post man, even i check with post man the answer is negative. I would like to know that for the future cash vouchers, what is Tesco going to sure the the vouchers will be safely received by customers? If this happen again, i will stop all business with Tesco. Please reply!!!! Even my sister in law staying in Perak also face the same problem.

  76. Hi,
    I’ve been in a exhibition and got promotion RM28 first trial facial + gift in New York Skin Solution, and then the lady in exhibition help me to make reservation direct in one of their branch. When I arrive there they ask me to fill in a form which is regarding my health/habit/life than signed it, scan my skin & explain my problem, then I’ve got treatment, after that they compare the result which looks not so bad, then they make me to sign up for 10x facial for RM2800, since I don’t have cash/card with me they accept my down payment RM200 and then I signed 2 form abt this(which is i should read first and not do!). They gave me my gift from my RM28 voucher that I’ve got from promotion and then gave me one bottle moisturizer tomaintain my face until the next visit.

    2 day after that I google abt “New York Skin Care” and all the result I’ve got 99% only bad testimoni from the people in Singapore & Malaysia who use their service. I’ve just found out that this company is scam and digging money and most of their customer don’t get a good result.
    OMG, I’m trapped, but still thanks to God that I still don’t pay so much money to them yet. I feel reaaly sorry for so many people who already become New yOrk Skin Care’s victim and appreciate they want to share with others (even it’s already a little bit late for me :(…

    I’m thinking just to forget abt them, don’t accept when they call me, just forget my RM200 too tired to argue with this kind of people. But I worry if I will get trouble in the future since I’ve signed the application form and pay the down payment. Do you think after got so many complain from customer & NCCC they will dare to sue me because of this? what should I do??? Do I against the law if I just leave them with my RM200 instead of go there and try cancel everything that I’ve signed? please help..:(

  77. Went to a place called BBQ adjacent to a food-court type eatery called Akasu Tau on Jalan P. Ramlee, kitty corner from the Beach Club. The waiter talked me into their special .. a mix grill, enough for 2 persons for RM60. Out came a miserly looking platter comprising 1 chicken wing, and assorted beef, lamb, fish, and shrimp. In comparison with the meal the RM39 lamb shank, this is hardly worth the price tag, I thought. Well, since we’ve ordered, might as well eat and make sure not to come back. But eating wasn’t meant to be either … the fish and shrimp was too salted to taste any natural flavour. We left half the platter uneaten and called for the bill. The waiter took out a pad of generic forms and proceed to write it out. Noted GST was not on it, just the food items. There was a cash register, so I asked for a machine printed receipt. No luck either. Asked where they are from … answer was Pakistan. Worst value for money I’ve gotten of my 9 dinners in KL.

  78. Sentence correction: “.. In comparison with the meal the RM39 lamb shank..” should read ” .. In comparison with a previous meal of succulent lamb shank for RM39 at Chili’s..”

  79. hi… i have this dillema which is a hard pill to swallow…
    anyone have any idea what i can do..
    i just bought a house in kota kinabalu recently..
    it is a second hand house, but mostly knocked down and renovated, looks like brand new house.. done by a individual contractor.. it was advertised by a house agent and i look through the house when it was just completed.,..
    after agreement, the whole process of paper work and transfer took 5 months!! that’s sabah!!
    now i moved in after the long wait..
    after moved in 2 days!!, my bathroom floor outlet from first floor and ground floor is blocked!!
    i asked the plumber to see, he says need pipe block, needs new pipe and knock the floor and re-do the piping!! the wall also shows cracks!!
    i asked the agent, she says the agreement states i buy what is there!!! but it is not there when i agreed to buy 5 months ago!!!
    what can i do!!!

  80. I would really appreciate it if you can help me on my grievances with Celcom. (013-3466389, account number 36443731)

    I went to their Seremban Branch in April 2010 to ask whether my One Year contract with them is up as I could not recalled the date i signed up.
    The lady officer told me i have served my one year contract and i can terminate my blackberry line without any penalty.
    She asked me to surrender my sim card and signed the termination form and said that is all that’s required.
    I left there with no other second thoughts.

    SEVEN months later, i received an email from celcom saying that i have an outstanding of $478.25.
    I immediately called the Careline and they told me that it is for the penalty charge of $500 due to early termination.
    I said the lady at the branch told me everything is ok and that i have served my one year contract. That is why i terminate my line.
    They said that the contract was signed on the 10th of May 2009 and i cancelled it on 15th April 2010.
    I then argued the fact if i have not been misinformed at that moment, I would have not termintate it and opt to pay the monthly subscription of $150 (incl. free calls) instead of being so stupid to pay $500 in penalty charges at the 11th hour.

    The Careline then helped me filed a complaint on my behalf.
    They called me back several days later that i am bound by my contract and that they will not waive the penalty charges.
    They instructed me to go down the branch as the manager will show me my contract.
    I refused to go down as I feel whatever that should be said and act, should be done over the phone.
    after many calls, the Careline said they cannot assist me any further as i signed the contract.
    After several probings, they said that the investigations also revealed that the lady officer is found wrong. That she did MISINFORMED me when i went to the branch to enquire in April. BUT despite that fact, I still have to pay my penalty!
    How can they still insist to charged me despite the fact that my actions are due to the lady officer’s mistake?

    I pursued to call up Celcom HQ and also AXIATA HQ as the Careline said that they cannot assist me anymore.
    and you know what? If you called them up, then stating that u want to speak to ANY person in charge of Celcom, and not be passed to Careline, they will ask you to hold the line while they transfer the call.
    This call will never be answered.
    And if you continue to call them back, your phone calls will not be answered anymore or they will be rejected after 2 rings.
    A BIG GROUP like AXIATA and Celcom acting like a big sham???

    I have tried calling for few days and it is always the same thing.
    i used my house phone for initial attempt, and after putting me on-hold for a minute, I will get disconnected.
    Then I tried to call back 10 times, but they will never pick up the phone.
    Then i used my handphone to call, and it will be answered by 3rd ring.
    And it will be the same routine after that.

    Why are they avoiding calls from public?
    Are they really so afraid?

    Today a man called me up and asked me to pay my Celcom Bill. The man spoke malay quite crudely and i think he must be from a collection agency hired by Celcom.
    I told him I am not going to pay and i hang up the phone.

    You tell me, if this happen to you, will you be boiling with anger?

    I am very unhappy with Celcom’s conduct on my matter.

    I am really hoping that you will fight for me the injustice that has been done to me.

    Regards & Merry Christmas,

  81. Hi Sir/ Madam,

    I’m sandy from Malaysia. Has previously booked a Mattress at Dunlopillo authorized dealer in Malaysia and have some unhappy experience.

    We have make a booking and paid a deposit, by the time booking, also agreed by salesperson to change model if we wanted and written in the receipt.

    Subsequently, we chosen another model and asked for pricing and delivery and confirm by the salesperson that they able to meet our packages. However, when we show the receipt and demand to offset the deposit, they seem reluctant to do so. After a telephone conversation of the salesperson with their person-in-charge, they claim that they have been out-of-stock and cannot meet our requirement.

    Would like to know how can this things happen in a shop with Big “Dunlopillo” signboard happens? Also, will Dunlopillo look into our case?



  82. DELL !! being students, 3 of my friends and I got overly excited over an online offer from the great DELL that makes you get a laptop (studio 1435) for almost RM1850…we purchased 4 laptops with a 1-year warranty and used them happily until we found out the reason why they were so cheap in the first place.
    this model has a serious problem with its LCD, 3 out of the 4 laptops we got broke down with the same defect..one day it is working great, then with no warning the image on your screen gets blurry and starts shaking so hard before it totally blacks out!! 3 out of 4 laptops is 75%, makes it difficult to believe that it is a coincidence! it is obviously a manufacturing defect that DELL refuses to take responsibility for !!
    my other 2 friends were lucky enough to have that problem happen during their warranty period, I wasn’t that lucky!
    I took it to repair at LAW YAT mall just to get informed that this particular model doesn’t have any spare parts available in market, except at DELL repair centers!!
    guess how much does it cost to extend your warranty for one more year?? RM962 !!! I told them at the technical support center that I don’t want to extend the warranty, I only want to fix the screen, just to get advised that they both cost almost the same thing!! might as well get it (so said the technician!!)… so I buy the laptop for 1850, and I pay 962 to fix the screen!!!
    so, if anyone knows of a legal channel to report this incident, please let me know, I am not Malaysian and I don’t know how to handle things properly around here, your help will be appreciated, thank you.

    • Most, if not all, LCD screens are replaceable and often the repair can be D.I.Y (do it yourself). If your laptop or computer is out of warranty, never take it the manufacturer or Low Yat, not unless you have more money than sense. Those people are cut-throats and prey on the misfortune of others.

      Do research on the internet, google your laptop model number, find out the part number you require as replacement.

      A good source for computer parts are Ebay, ioffer.com, etc. Search for items by typing your computer model name. If parts are available, message the seller to see if the seller agrees to post Malaysia. But aware that you may or may not get charged by Malaysia customs when item arrives in Malaysia. Overall you’ll save money by importing and repairing the parts yourself.

      The internet is also a good source for ‘How To’. For example, on You Tube, there are tutorials on how to disassemble and assemble laptops. I am sure there are many more sites that offer the same.

      I have found the below Ebay site for your replacement screen. The cost to buy the screen is around GBP112.00 incl. of postage to Malaysia, which is roughly around RM500.00.


      Good luck!

      • Thanks Alan, that was very helpful, but again, RM500 for an online purchased LCD that might or might not solve the problem isn’t a very practical solution for someone like me who doesnt know much about such technical things, and also happens to be a student, and accordingly time is a factor…
        my point is what is the legal procedures followed to report such a scam?..when a company sells you a product that’s defected (beyond doubt, all 4 laptops had the same problem!!) and then charge you to fix it, that is most definitely a scam that must be reported, in my country we have a governmental department for such things, do you know if there happens to be any in Malaysia??

        and thank you again, maybe I’ll try this when my new extended RM962 warranty expires.

    • ***for the record, I double checked and the laptop was purchased for 2700 something, not 1800…AND all 4 laptops broke down, not just 3 of them !!!

  83. I had bought a DELL laptop online for my son and Dell emailed confirming that the delivery will be the following week. When i called Dell told me that the delivery date given was for the mouse and headphone not for the laptop! even though their conforming email did not specify anything about the delivery being only for the accessories!
    I really believe Dell does that to trick and deceive people for believing that they can manage a shorter delivery which is basically fraud. At the end Dell is messing about with their own customers and i trust they will pay dearly for swindling them so evidently.

  84. To all car owners,

    If you are using yokohama batteries pls bare in mind when it comes to claiming purpose is damn hard to get your battery claim…..in johor i’ve been waiting for a month plus until now i still havent got the battery back…..the company is full of reason…they just dont take care of their customer….in singapore batteries that is still in warranty will get 1 to 1 exchange…even my friend in kl using century batteries also gets 1 to 1 exchange…but this yokohama batteries wont get 1 to 1 exchange during the warranty period…as per conversation wif one of their staff in johor branch named azema,she told that their salesman need to check if the battery is faulty from their side or car owner side…what i think is this reason is nonsense as we car owner need to use the car daily for work or other things…if we going to wait until our batteries claim been approve that means what we need to take public transport is it?????as for me this will be my 1st n last time using yokohama batteries….to other car owner hope you’ll think twice to buy yokohama batteries…hopefully the ceo of yokohama read this as their website writes Experience the difference of a trusted brand name.YOKOHAMA™ battery is a hallmark of our group’s monumental success. It is acknowledged by the automotive industry as one of the best and most reliable brand names in the industry….what i think with the hassle i’m going through this brand is not to be trusted…

  85. I am writting to you to report a fraudulent action by a 3rd party content provider together with the Telco Comm as mention here is Maxis.

    I have previously received the 1st sms telling me that i could win a iphone 4 by simple answer a few questions. As i have responded YES to it, and the 2nd sms was received saying that i will be charged RM4.00 per sms received. But by the moment i received the 2nd sms, i have stop responded to it and also the subsequent sms as i have assumed that it will not continue to send as i have not response to it. But it seems that they will continue to send even i have not responseded and each will be charged at RM 4.00 per sms.

    The reason i responded 1st it was due to the “catch” at i am able to win a “phone” but did not mention that i will be charged RM4.00 per sms on the 1st received sms as mention on the above. Only when i responded YES that i received a 2nd sms that i will be charged accordingly.

    If you will investigate on my response, i have only keyed in YES for the 1st sms and that is all as i do not want to continue due to the high charges involved. But there were no exit option available and usually when we do not response is consider a DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE BULLSHIT response.

    BUT however it continues to send me sms’s which is totally non related to the Q&A contest.

    Action which i classify as fraud by the 3rd party content provider :-

    1. The content provider did not provide the consumer a exit option.

    2. The content provider was sending non related sms’s to the contest that was 1st mentioned on the 1st sms.

    3. As you refer to my attachment, what kind of contest answer that sents out in the middle of the night as of 10.12.10, 20.12.10 and 27.12.10. Totally bogus!

    I demand that an investigation to be launch on this companies that are trying to cheat us with this kind of uncleared contents. It has even team up with this Telco companies to charge us on behalf.

    I felt totally cheated with this kind of charges and i was told that i could ONLY write to you and HOPE for the better.

  86. Long story short:
    I ordered 1 Dahon bicycle from Kest Cycles Sales and Services Sdn Bhd.
    I TT USD420 to the account in the proforma invoice which was cleared. “Mr Mohd” tells me to immediately cancel and TT to another account (personal account). I followed. The company then confirmed shipping my bicycle.

    BUT they said they accidentally sent 10 BICYCLES and already shipped. They DEMAND that I pay for another 2 bikes so they don’t lose their jobs. The courier company gdex.de.tl “confirms” goods in Indonesia. Kest cycles put shipment on hold in Indonesia until I pay 2 more bikes.

    Anyway I think there’s no such thing as Kest cycles or Gdex.de.tl. (Gdexpress.com is real). The company website disappeared. I cannot find “Gdex Express Logistic” on internet (only gdexpress).

    Here are the emails I cut and paste they wanted me to TT money to:

    Please cansel the previous payment to hong Leong account and retransfer payment to our new updated Public account below

    Bank name : Public Bank
    Account Holder : Sarojani a/p Atchuthan (Kest Cycles Sdn bhd )
    Account number : 4598006529
    Swift Code : PBBEMYKL
    Adress : Pusat Bandar Puchong, Puchong, Selangor .Malaysia

    >>Total amount to be received $820 usd (for 2 bikes).
    >>Receiver name : Nasiri Ramsey
    >>Company address : No. 12, Jalan Bukit Permai Utama 2, Taman Industrial Bukit Permai Kuala Lumpur,Selangor ,53300 Malaysia .


    BANK NAME : Hong Leong Bank

    BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER :14450090202

    Beware of such tactics!!

  87. I am typically to blogging and i really respect your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your website and hold checking for new information.

    I’ve accepted their apologise before chinese new year, after the teacher apologised to us.

    However, today the principle bring a copy of the draft to my mum and told her that they didnt make mistake on it.
    The PRINCIPLE of QDEE’s Melaka Kampung Lapan Centre told my mum that Hong Kong Rabbit is without the dot !!! After we prove to her that the rabbit in chinese is “兔” (tu) instead of “免”(mian), She said that if there is a mistake, it’s not her mistake, it’s the newspaper mistake!!! I wonder that whether the chinese teacher really know how to read and write mandarin. If yes, they should have know how to correct the draft they copy from the newspaper.

    After I made complaint to Q-dees headquarter, the principle called up and told me that she knows where the dot goes. The dot goes to the rabbit eyes!!! I told her that it’s not about the dot, it’s her attitude of justified herself. It make a bad example to the kid. The said she dont know what she did wrong but if i want an apologise she will say sorry!!
    People make mistake. We can accept someone who make a mistake, but we can’t accept someone pushing the responsibility to others. Q Dee’s Principle in Kampung Lapan, we shame on you.

    Msg from the principle daugther :-

    Ok, we’re fine with it.
    We really didn’t expect you to react such way as we really followed the newspaper pattern which my teacher took a liking on it. Hongkong style of writing is because we consulted a… parent from HK and she told my mother…; who has no knowledge in mandarin at all that way.

    I see it no big deal as its just an art piece. In academic, we teach the right word and the right way.

    If you still unsatisfied, you may consult the newspaper press; “China Press” why they printed in such way.

    I sincerely hope that this can be publish so that all the educational unit can take into consideration. Preschool might seems not important to some people, however, we cant deny that it is the base of every kids. It is important for every preschool principle and teacher to be responsible. Preschool is not a place for people to earn money but to teach the kids in their early age.

  89. CES GROUP, MALAYSIA just offered me an English teaching position. It was mass-mailed (TO section in email was blank), but I filled out the long questionaire and sent it back. Then I was offered a job with a contract in .jpg form. The sender was a recruiter named Mrs. Jasmine Binti Abdullah
    and the contact person is Mr. Ibrahim Othman
    of Habour View Hotel, Malaysia. Is this offer legitimate? Keep in mind, I was never interviewed. I just want to be sure. Thanks.

  90. Today I received an hp message that i m so lucky,
    “Congratulation” Your SIM CARD B’jaye menangi RM17,000.00 “Nestle House” From PTG JY BHD. No siri : 778899 Sila dial office : 0142806549 the sender hp is +60122066995. Not sure how to claim this money savely. Can someone help me .

  91. I became a member of iTune the so call Travel agent during one of my trip to Kemaman. They were having a promotion on that particular day. I was sweet talked by one of their sales person by the name of Ejai, he was very assuring that when ever I need to go for holiday just call iTune and they will arrange the hotel and fllight ticket to numerous destination of your choice.
    Succumbed to the talk I signed up as member and was told that upon signing I am given a complimentary 4 days 3 nights stay at selected countries i.e. Thailand, Indonesia and the Phillippines if I am not mistaken.

    One month after the membership purchased that was in Oct, 2010 I decided to go to Bandung Indonesia for the complimentary holiday with my wife in Dec,2010, called iTune and provided them with the dates for the intended holiday. They took all particulars required and sent me a notification about the hotel I am to be housed, after several discussions I decided not to stay at the hotel offered but request for a different one. Was told that if I wanted to change hotel then there’ll be additional charges incurred which I agree. I was told to bank in addtional RM200 for the chosen hotel of my choice, I did as told. Then the dilema came as my flight that was supposedly booked in Oct for the Dec trip was never booked bu iTune staff, I was handled by one girl after another, they are namely Eka, Naz, Su then Nieza. It was so difficult to get the same person who first talked to you, either they are not at their desk or they are on leave and when you are entertained by another person the whole cycle is repeated, promises after promises were made but never delivered. With the time to travel approaching I once again called iTune/gaticketing and because of their delay daly and poor coordination the Air Asia flight that was supposed to be booked in Oct has now increased in cost as my booking only went through 2 weeks before the flight if I can recollect.

    I finally got my flight and hotel confirmation after several sreaming phone calls made.
    I was relief and thought the commotion was over but failing to realise that there’s a storm before a calm.
    My flight to Bandung was delay on the day of the flight and that made us arrived Bandung late, it was close to 2200 hrs when we checked in the hotel in Bandung, hotel name is Le Aries Gdn Hotel.
    The nightmare starts during checking in, was told by the reception that I am required to pay, I contested saying that I have a letter from iTune that my booking at this hotel was confirmed and that it was a complimentary stay for 4 days and 3 nights.The reception made a call to the Duty Manager only was told that they received info from agent in Malaysia that I am required to pay as I checked in. Both my wife and I was tired thus to cut the commotion agree to pay via credit card for the amount of RM1045.
    Thinking that it should be alright as when I returned to Malaysia I will file for a reimbursement.

    I did call and wrote to gaticketing explaining the situation and was entertained by one of ga’s staff. 2 weeks later I called to find out about the reimbursement and here I was passed around like a ball from one staff to another, most of the time I will never be able to speak to the person who handle my case, to pour salt into my wound gaticketing officer by the name of Nieza has never had the courtesy to return my call inspite of my several request.
    I was so furious that I took leave and visited ga’s office in Ampang, went right up and request to see Nieza, at that time she was with one of her staff and was told to wait. Minutes later she called me to her desk and that was the time I lost my temper and gave her a piece of my mind on how unprofessional she was for not even having the courtesy to return my several calls made nor update me on my refund claim. I demanded for my refund.
    I told her if this is the way ga worked then I will not hesitate to make a complain to Consumer Association, she challenged and tell me why don’t you do that. I was so furious that I said I don’t want to talk to her and insist to see her Manager,
    The Manager came in an apologetic manner, politely calmed me down and promised that my refund will be reimbursed in a weeks time, and also offered to compensate me for the inconvenienced I went through by giving me a 3 nite stay at any local holiday destination. They even gave a copy of an assurance letter implying that the refund will be made directly to my CIMB account.

    A week after our face to face encounter I called to informed that no money has been refunded to my account, this time Nieza apologise saying that due to CNY holiday ga’s finance department did not managed to bank in my money, finally Nieza emailed me to inform that RM467 has been credited into my account whilst the balance of RM578 shall be used for the local destination stay. To my horror this was not the agreement made by both the Finance Manager En Azwan and Nieza. I feel cheated by gaticketing called Nieza but to no avail, left messages to her colleague asking her to call back since 25th Feb, todate she has not called me. Called En Azwan, was told that he was at the border and about to enter Thailand and promised that he will call back once he talked to Nieza but it never materialised.

    My plea to the Consumer Association to please take this case with GA Travel and refund the full amount of the balance of RM578. Then on I will never make use of iTune/GA Travel Tour for the rest of my life and will pass the word around to others to be careful with this company who promises you the sky but fail to deliver.
    Never have I experienced such a lousy Travel agent.

    I can be contacted via mobile no. 012-6116109.
    Thank you.

  92. kami buat ubah suai rumah baru dan sudah 2 bulan kami pindah masuk ke rumah,masalahnya sekaran ialah kami dapati bumbung bocor dan pelbagai masalah lain.kami cuba hubungi syarikat tapi tuannya enggan menjawap cuma menghantar pekerjanya saja tapi masih tak ada sebarang perubahan pada kerosakkan yg berlaku.
    saya ingin menetahui hak saya dan apa yg harus lakukan selepas ini ke atas syarikat tersebut.

  93. There is a lady named Joy Remie Bagnes who kept asking for ic number and even i gave her some valid one, she kept claiming INVALID and ask for some more….beware

  94. hi all,

    i need some advice la.what is my right as a consumer, if the technician,customer service,agent and the services of the company serve & treat u badly??


  95. Hi, I am graduated from Olympia College on year 2009, but until today, they still not able to provide me the certificated, they just give me the letter of completion.
    when i chasing them, they told me not their problem, is Knowledge Universe delayed.
    But i am paying the full payment upfront to Olympia college , and that is their responsibilities to get the certificated to me. Everytime they promise ” by this week” , they has been promise me 3 times, and still cant give me the certificated.
    Pls advise what i can do the next? which association i should complain to ?

  96. I am posting this on behalf of the bad experience my mum & dad are faceing with the world famous brand SLUMBERLAND mattress.

    My First Mail to Slumberland on 27th Nov 2011


    To The Managers,

    My name is Madam Mary Pillay, I am as true believer of the Slumberland brand. However I am very disappointed with the brand now after my last purchase of the Slumberland Indulgence Mattress 182 x 190. Which has a 10 year guarantee. I bought the set for about RM4k ++.

    I bought the Slumberland Indulgence Mattress 182 x 190 in 2004 the mattress was so fantastic to sleep on. It truly was the best product I ever had until the mattress started to show painful signs.

    In 2008 the mattress started to sink on both sides of the mattress. Kindly note that I do turn my mattress on alternate sides every month with out fail. However it was still sinking on both sides of the mattress. Of course as the leading sleep Dr , Slumberland should knows the importance of a good mattress. But this mattress was so bad, both my husband and I started getting bad back pains and sleepless nights.

    We contacted the Slumberland representative in Ipoh Steve. He was very helpful and had come to collect the mattress to get it repaired. It took about 1 month for this to be done and the mattress was good for about 3 months until it started showing signs again. We contacted Steve, who again came back to collect the mattress and it was returned back to us after one month.

    But again it went back to the mattress sagging on its sides within the 4th month of its repairs. I am very frustrated with the kind of product Slumberland has sold to me. Does 10 years warranty mean I need to have my mattress check by the Slumberland manufactures every 4 months ? How long do I go on contacting Slumberland to get this sorted, is it until my 10 years of warranty is up?

    I am so disappointed with this product as it has caused me health issues. It has been a strain on my back as well as a strain in my sleep. Where is the quality in Slumberland? How can one trust a brand that can only promise but not deliver? I hope Slumberland can get my problem sorted as I really do not want this problem prolonged. I do not want to come to a point where I need to bring this to the media and share my frustrations of the very disappointing Slumberland mattress.

    You can contact me at 019-5582942 or mu husband at 019-5588510. If further information is required. Hope fully the management of Slumberland really cares about its customers and takes the initiative to get this sorted.

    Ref : Invoice number for Repair No. 17588 , 17639, 18369.


    After the above mail was sent to Slumberland. I received a call from a Slumberland representative , named Chong.


    Chong called us in Dec 2010 ,being as helpful as he can be. On 31st Dec 2010 he came by to take the mattress to get it fixed. They then gave us a very low quality mattress as a temporary replacement till ours was being rectified. Now again I would like to remind that both my husband & I are in our 60ties. At this age especially a good mattress is essential for our back. Chong then returned our Slumberland mattress in Jan 2011. Of course we were not surprised when the mattress sunk again by Jan 2011 end, since we now have no more trust in the world famous brand.

    We called Chong again who then came to take not the mattress but a picture of the mattress. According to him the picture was to be sent to his manager who is in Slumberland HQ. Now this is rather odd for me to digest. Slumberland management has taken my mattress back till date 4 times to rectify the same problem. Which has always been the sinking of the mattress. When I questioned Chong on what really the QC in Slumberland was certifying everytime the mattress was released back to us. He mentioned. That he has no idea of the past 3 service provided by Slumberland, however when he took it back for the fourth time they had stuffed the mattress with foam, which I do not understand how the QC in Slumberland assumed that stuffing my mattress with foam would resolve the problem of the faulty spring within the mattress.

    Now there is only so much I can be patient with. I called Chong to inform him that the mattress had sunk in again and that he had not come back with a reply after his last visit to take a picture of my mattress. Chong then adviced that he will again take my mattress to be repaired. I was really not happy with this , I asked for Chong to get Slumberland to replace my mattress which had a 10 year warranty on it.

    Chong then said that he had to speak to his manager and would get back to me. Of course this took too long for them to get back to me. I called Chong myself again. I was so furious when he actually told me . “ Oh madam I spoke to my manager and he said he has a solution to your problem” when I asked him what the solution was he said that his manager had adviced for us to keep turning the mattress around. I am 60 plus, does Slumberland really think that when I buy or use any mattress I would not know that I need to keep flipping it every week. After hearing such a ridiculous solution, I told Chong that I am really unhappy with the kind of quality and service that I have received thus far from Slumberland. I want to take this to the consumers association for justice. Where is my rights as a consumer? What do I need to do to get my matter resolved ? It looks like my direct approach to meet Slumberland is not going anywhere.

    With all this being said both my husband and I have developed a bad back now, we are going for regular visits to the Drs. Who will compensate for this? , my bad back my sleepless nights . Where is my justice as a consumer. How can one trust in a brand that does not hold up to its name.

    • Phew! Read the very same story but by another competitor (Getha)

      Wonder if the matresses were of same factory but different label

      Did heard about it from various products such as fax machine, dect phones, diapers, skincare etc , products the same but bought by different traders, individually branded

  97. hi all…
    semalam saya pergi ke pavilion kl…the place is good, tapi yang tak bestnye ialah staf kat parking lot yang manage kereta saya tu biadap…saya suruh dia parkingkan bmw x5 saya….dia memandu kereta saya dengan laju….saya tak ingat siapa name dia, tapi fizikal dia tak boleh nak lupa…..orangnye chinese, kurus…
    bila saya tanya kenapa dia memandu dengan laju, tapi dia terus pergi ke kaunter dan menghisap rokok di situ….
    saya rasa geram sangat…saya rasa sepatutnya die harus berikan khidmat yg terbaik buat pelanggan…saya berharap agar pihak pavilion kl dapat mengambil tindakan lanjut terhadap individu yang berkenaan….

  98. I had just received a Tenaga Nasional Berhad electricity bill today and was shocked to know that the usage of electricity has reached 1888kwh!!
    After referring to the previous bill, I found that the TNB had billed us the previous two months’ reading as an estimation.

    I had further clarified with one of the TNB staff when I called them today around 04:10pm and had been told that they are starting to use last two months’ reading as an estimation commencing this month and the extra reading shall deducted if payment has been made the month before. I straight away tell the staff off that it is very unfair for us as a consumer to be charged at a higher rate. We all know that the more electricity we had used, charges will be even higher referring to the tariff set by TNB. She has further informed me that TNB had applied for this billing method and has been approved by Suruhan Jaya Tenaga.

    I strongly feel that TNB must not double charge us if we are settling the bill promptly every month.

  99. i want to complaint the OGAWA after sales services.
    i send back my foot master to them for service on this feb’2011,but until to day (06/04/2011)i still not get back my foot master from them.reason is ‘waiting for the spare part’ nobady call me to let me know what happened.after 2 months of waiting,i think the things maybe need to import from japan.

  100. At a Sunday morning, I found that my car was unable to start, the battery was flattened. So I called a workshop, they sent a worker to jump start my car. Then I drove to the workshop for checking.

    All they did were just using the meter to measure my battery voltage, and told me it’s time to change battery. I felt weird, so I asked them what’s the main reason for battery flattenning? Is there any leakage? They were so confident to answer me NO, and said I need to change a new battery. So fine, I changed a new battery.

    Another day passed, my car was unable to start again! The NEW battery was flattened, I needed to change back the old battery to start my car. After I checked at another workshop, there was an mulfunction relay which caused the leakage of battery.

    I was so angry with the 1st workshop, their way of working, attitudes and service quality. All they want were just my money.

    I am thinking is there any way to make a complaint about this? and I should complain to who?


  101. A letter i wrote to enquiry@cavenzi.com

    To whom it may concern,

    My sister has made a purchase on 17th April 2011, invoice number: M24543. In this invoice, that’s a few items including 1 sofa set made in leren leather.
    I am not satisfied with the materiel and requasted to cancel the order.

    On 18th April 2011, i called sales exec who served my sister vivien chew on this matter and the reply given was according to terms and condition i cant made a cancellation but exchange is allowed.
    Then she said she will call me back on this matter.

    On 19th April 2011, I called Vivien Chew again to follow up with this matter. Reply from her was this case has been sent to HQ and asked me to refer to a staff called Mala.
    I called immediately to talk to mala.

    After i introduced myself, to my dismay, the woman immediately refused me very firmly and asked me to proceed with the court action if i am not satisfied with the response.
    She didn’t even give me an opportunity to explain the situation! I requested for her full name,. she refused to give me and said she has no family name at all.
    According to Vivien chew, this Mala is a customer service personnel. If this is a standard of your customer service, I seriously think that You should look into it.

    FYI, I’ve filed a complaint to NCCC regarding the original case. I will file again specifically to this Mala without family name!

  102. Swiss Garden Resort & Spa, Kuantan!!! where is your professional life guards? a kid fell into the adult swimming pool (1.5m depth) does not have any life guard to rescue him!!! where is oxygen bottle or your emergency equipments? the ambulance need to take up to 50 minute to arrive the scene!! do not have any hotel representative at the scene!!! Swiss Garden Resort & Spa, Kuantan need to bear the full responsible for a innocent kid that stopped his pulse!!!!!!

    A tragedy happens in swiss garden hotel’s swimming pool hour ago,a kid drown In a pool without life guard on shift and a hotel without rescue facilities.the worst is ambulance takes an hour to reach the scene of incident.hotel side should engage in introspection and prevent the same thing happens again in future.

  103. Salam ,

    Saya Rosnah Bt Hameed, saya bekerja sebagai Marketing Officer di sebuah syarikat pemprosesan batu mulia di UK.di sini Saya ingin memperkenalkan kepada encik peluang perniagaan yang besar kenuntungannya,saya memerlukan bantuan encik dan kerjasama encik untuk memajukan perniagaan ini.saya menghubungi encik kerana saya tidak ingin kehilangan rakan kongsi saya di dalam perniagaan ini.saya tahu bahawa saya dan encik akan mendapatkan feadah yang baik daripada perniagaan ini di masa akan datang. Sekarang saya hanya ingin encik menjadi pembekal (agent) kepada syarikat saya bekerja dan encik boleh mendapat keuntungan daripada peluang perniagaan ini . Syarikat saya memerlukan sebuah produk yang disebut FERRIC OXIDE (JEWELER’S ROUGH). Para pemurnian belerang liquid adalah cecair kimia saintifik bar substansi, sejenis pelincir, terutama digunakan di makmal untuk gemological pemurnian merawat atau menerangkan,memasuki ke dalam berlian dan mengewap keluar kotoran di dalam berlian dan batu-batu berharga sepertinya.

    Pembekal asal produk ini adalah di (Malaysia) sehingga lah pembekal produk langsung syarikat kami ini mengalami kemalangan di sini {uk} ,dia adalah pengurus pemasaran dan sejak dia kemalangan monopoli ini telah tergendala.saya hanya ingin encik menjadi agen di antara penjual dan pembeli .Ini adalah perniagaan besar untuk saya dan encik dan akan mendapat keuntungan besar.saya hanya memerlukan kerjasama untuk menjadikan perniagaan ini berjaya.Saya akan memberi anda maklumat lebih lanjut tentang hal ini jika anda bersedia untuk menjadi sebagai agen untuk membekalkan produk ke syarikat kami.

    Pertama, saya akan perkenalkan anda pembekal (agent)kepada syarikat saya nanti. Mengikut peratusan, awalnya harga beli yang sebenarnya produk tersebut oleh syarikat per Carton adalah 4,200.00 USD, sedangkan di (Malaysia) harga jual tempatan adalah 2,100.00 USD dan syarikat saya memerlukan tidak kurang daripada 200 Cartons.
    saya ingin encik menjadi agen link kami yang menghubungkan penjual tempatan di Malaysia secaralangsung kepada syarikat membeli maka margin keuntungan akan digunakan bersama berdua 50% untuk encik, sementara 50% kepada saya.sekiranya encik dapat membantu saya mengurus perniagaan jual beli produk ini saya amat berterimakasih.kemudian saya akan membincangkan pekara ini bersama pengurus syarikat saya. saya yakin dan percaya encik boleh menyediakan produk ini kepada syarikat.di sini juga saya memfailkan butiran dari segi harga dan cara bayaran maka kita boleh mengambil daripada permulaan perniagaan ini. encik saya mengharap agar encik dapat membalas email saya ini secepat mungkin, agar saya dapat mengemailkan number telephone penjual di malaysia gar encik dapat menghubungi penjual untuk bertanya sama ada penjual tersebut masih mempunyai stock untuk di bekalkan kepada encik.sebelum syarikat kami akan menghantar pengurus pembelian pergi ke Malaysia untuk membeli produk dari encik secara tunai.Terima kasih atas kerjasama encik,saya mengharap dan menunggu balasan email daripada encik.


    pls find out this scam or not… i lost a lot of money now.. plsss…!

  104. This is the area u all can see what wrong with this.
    not sure why every week received this kind of sex messages as well. very not happy but do not know what to do.

    Received sex messages from these phone no: 019-3935683, 013-6950521, 0172259436,014-7056536.
    Context like this.

    Yang, sedang buat apa? Nak tengok gambar/Video bikini saya?(18SX) Senang je, type on BEDA hantar ke 32226. Mesti happy! Optout call 012-8739619.

  105. i just but my iphone 4 since just use 1month start got problem…first problem is the phone when talking and charging damn hot..after 1 week the phone totally cant on!!!i alrready go to 3 shop of digi centre make complain but there ask me wait until got stock …i already wait 1 month plusstill dun have any respon yet!!so unresponsible!!!

  106. On 19 April 2011, I bought an Iphone4 16GB from Takacom Celullar Sdn. Bhd. which is a Maxis Authorsied dealer for RM2550.00 with no contract. Since they are authorised Maxis dealer. Later when I saw the Maxis brochure, the price is RM2190.00 for 16GB. I went back to the dealer to ask them why they sold me the phone a higher price than what they are supposed to sell. They refused to refund the difference but asked me to go to launch a complaint to Maxis instead. I did, now I am waiting to see how Maxis is going handle this case. A caution to those who buy iphone from Maxis dealers, make sure you check the price before on the brochure before you buy and don’t be a victim like me trusting their words.

  107. I had bought the HEINZ spaghetti sauce from cold storage in Penang and when i open up the cap i saw mold inside and around the cap. this is very disgusting and i am very surprise this could happen in HEINZ products.

    i have try to contact their local distributor via mail yet no reply.this is really unacceptable.

  108. Dear Sir,

    I have unpleasant experiance with Tadika Wawasan Melodi in Puchong. My girl is 2 years ++.I plan to send to this kindergarden .So in last Dec,i let her had trial in the kindergarden.Do u know how the take k the children?
    1.The teachers never take care my girl until she felt down in the toilet.But the teacher never tell about that.Until 1 day the 5 years old boy said so.

    2.They bathed my girl with cool water.After that she crying in the night time.And keep saying that dont wan to bath anymore.

    3.The food kindergarden supplied every day is not the oat milk but “oats + water”.

    It is make me so dissapointed .So that i quit from it.But very fuuny is the prinsipal never give any call to ask the reason.When i want to claim back the deposit,she just keep saying that my girl cant cope the new environment,so the money cant claim back.

    Il agreed Jess Lim said,”Preschool might seems not important to some people, however, we cant deny that it is the base of every kids. It is important for every preschool principle and teacher to be responsible. Preschool is not a place for people to earn money but to teach the kids in their early age.”

    that’s is what i learn from this kindergarden

  109. Today, just before 1pm, I needed a taxi to take me to Jalan Ipoh from Changkat Raja Chulan, KL. I waited just opposite my condo and hailed a taxi. A taxi with licence plate HB94 stopped. I told the driver before getting into the taxi I wanted to go to Jalan Ipoh. The Chinese driver responded with RM20. I told him to use the meter, he refused. I hailed another taxi with an Indian driver. I said I wanted to go to Jalan Ipoh, again the immediate response was RM20. I told him where to go with his RM20 charge. I hailed another one, the Malay driver agreed. I boarded his taxi and he automatically switched on his meter.

    I have heard from many of my neighbours and friends about the attitude of taxi drivers but rarely experience it as I normally drive. I also use the LRT. But the last 2 days my car has been out action.

    I thought the Government had a campaign against taxi drivers who refuses to use the fare meter? It seem not in Bukit Bintang area. There, taxi drivers tout for fares, quoting an amount depending on the nationality, dressing and how many shopping bags one carries

    Please could someone do something about this. It really does not give a good impression of Malaysians!

  110. Our computers were down some time ago…looked up The Sun and found this advertisement:-
    “Computer giving problems?? We offer Free onsite check & repairs with warranty. Best service. Call us at 0183569378 (Danny)”
    We called Danny on 25.4.2011, he came to our house, opened up our 2 computers and told us that the Arithmetic Logic Unit needed to be replaced and it would cost RM 380 each. He took both computers for repair and told us that it will be sent back on 27.4.2011.
    On the evening of 26.4.2011 we called him to ask what time would he be coming the next day….he did not answer the phone…some time later he sms to say that he had gone to Penang as his grandfather had a stroke..but he promised to send back the computers on 29.4.2011. We called on 29.4…again he did not answer the call….much later he sms saying his grandfather had passed away and he was still in Penang but would deliver the computers on 2.5.2011.
    We were beginning to have doubts on him..so we went to his shop…Able Computer Services, 17, Jalan USJ 17/1A, UEP Subang Jaya. We found Jalan USJ 17/1 but there is no Jalan USJ 17/1A….by then we were quite certain that Danny is a con man and we were worried we would never see our computers again.
    After that all our calls went unanswered….until 2.5.2011 when he sms again that he would only be back from Penang on the evening of 4.5.2011 and would deliver the computers on 5.5.2011.
    On 5.5.2011 he came bringing along our 2 computers and showed us the damaged parts which he had replaced. Our 2nd computer belonging to our son had a new arithmetic logic unit costing RM 390 and a wireless receiver costing RM 180 as he claimed that the old cable was damaged and could not be repaired.
    The bill for our 1st. computer gave us a heart attack…it came up to RM4332. He had changed 10 items without getting our consent…we asked him to take out the new parts as we were not going to pay such a hefty sum …the answer we got was that the parts could not be taken out…and the only thing he could do was to give a discount. The repair bill for our 1st computer came down from RM 4332 to RM 2872.
    We had no choice but to pay RM 3442 for the 2 computers.
    When my son came back in the evening and switched on the 2nd. computer it failed to work. We called Danny…he did not answer..and after a number of calls made we discovered that he had blocked all our calls. Our calls were also blocked the next day….until my son used his own handphone…which he answered (thinking it’s a new customer). He promised my son that he would drop by around 7.30 -8.00p.m…which he never turned up.
    From that day onwards all our calls were blocked…we tried a different phone number which went unanswered and when we left a message that phone number was also blocked.
    It is now very certain that DANNY is a CON MAN…so those who are having problems with their computer BEWARE . Danny speaks well, possesses high computer knowledge . He claimed to have worked in Singapore earning RM 15,000 a month but had to come back to Malaysia because his mother had retired from Malayan Banking and wanted her sons to start a business. Danny’s full name is Lim Chiew Kiat with I.C. no.710816-10-5371. He claims to have a brother called Kent Lim , phone no. 016-2597913 but when we called it also went unanswered.

    • I suggest try suing in a small claims court.

      First, do a police report, company search and i/c search. If you have a receipt, does it state if repair is under warranty. if so for how long? On your and your son’s mobile phone call log, record the day and time of your attempted calls to Danny and others. Important to remember to keep all documents.

      Good luck

      • Thanks Alan….we are taking up the matter with the authorities.I’m sure there are others who had been conned by Danny…..if only we know them and could take up the matter together…it would make the case against him stronger.

  111. Yet again, I’ve had woes with taxis.
    On 11 May 2011 at around 12.45pm, I was on the corner of Jalan Sentul and Jalan Ipoh, opposite Dynasty Hotel. I needed a taxi to take me to BRDB behind Bangsar Shopping Compex. Needless to say, I hailed many taxis and as soon as ‘Bangsar Shopping Complex’ were uttered out of my mouth, I could see the ‘$’ sign in the Taxi drivers eyes and RM20 was the average reply I got. I told them to ‘stuff it’. After hailing many taxis, one finally agreed to take. I boarded his taxi, HBA 2765, a red and white Proton Saga. To my surprise, he instantly put on the meter.
    As we got to the Red traffic light, I asked the driver if he would mind bringing me back to the same area. He said he would charge waiting time by the meter. I agreed. Driving along Lebuhraya Mahameru, about 300 metres to the Parliament exit, the driver received a call on his mobile. One guess if he used his handsfree. He spoke to the caller in Tamil. The driver became distressed after the phone call. After which he announced to me he has to turn back as his previous fare had left a camera in his taxi. He said “ last customer ‘orang putih’ baru call saya, dia tinggal camera dia dalam teksi saya. Dia banyak marah, mau camera dia balik. Banyak marah! I said we were close by, 10 minutes max. His reply was ‘ Tak boleh, Tak boleh, itu orang putih banyak marah, sekarang I kena pergi. You ikut saya, lepas itu saya bawak awak ke Bangsar. I told him I had pressing business. The driver still refused and said ‘saya turun awak sini. He stopped the taxi just at the bottom of Parliament exit. I opened the door, then he grabbed my left arm and said, ‘eh,eh eh, you bayar! I said pay for what? You did not take me to my destination. ‘ He responded ‘saya bawak awak sampai sini, awak bayar sampai sini yang dalam meter. I refused. I said you’re dropping me off where I will not be able to get a taxi easily. With that, he said ‘saya bawak awak ke bas stand depan then awak bayar. I said, ok I have no problem paying you but I will report you. Upon hearing that, he screeched the brakes, clenched his fist and started punching the inside roof of his taxi. By this stage he was shouting and screaming. He started punching his own face, I suppose in an attempt to frighten me. He said, ‘you orang, sikit sikit mau ambil number dan report. Saya cari makan, saya mau kerja baik-baik, you mau kasi saya problem. Meter ini kata RM6.60, you bayar. Again he was inflicting injury to himself. I calmly said to him, I don’t want to argue with you, I don’t want to fight with you. You agreed to take me to my destination and you failed to do so, leaving me in an area where it would be difficult to get another taxi. I further said, you do what you want to do and I will do what I have to do. I have no problem paying you but I will report you. He could see I was not disturbed by his ‘madman’ act and I was willing to stand by my words, he backed down. Then he beckoned me with his fingers, palm up as an indication to pay him. I gave a RM10 note and waited for the change. None came. I asked him for the change he replied he has no small change. I said give me back the RM10 as I may have some small notes and coins. He returned the RM10 and I search my pockets. I could only manage to scrape RM4.80 in, which he took. I got out of his taxi and he sped off almost colliding with another vehicle in the outer lane.
    Getting a taxi near the Parliament was a task in itself. Most taxis passing would already have passenger. I managed to hail a taxi, HWC9833, told the driver the destination, immediately the drive said RM20. I wanted to close the door, the driver asked for RM15. I shook my head. RM10 was the counter offer from the driver. I pointed to the meter , the driver drove off.
    After waiting for some time, I hailed another taxi . I told the driver my intended destination. He agreed. At the time of boarding his taxi, I was to the phone the party I had to meet. I told the party I have just got a taxi and should be there in 7 minutes max. The driver heard this and said, Sir I am sorry but I am unable to fly there but I’ll try to get you there as quickly as I can in a safe manner. With that I applauded the driver. The ride in his taxi was most pleasant. The driver was amiable and courteous . His taxi was clean and had a pleasant aroma. I had a feeling he was concern with providing his passengers a comfortable and pleasant experience. More importantly, as safe as he could. I felt I was taking a ride in one of those executive limousine company. Thank you Sir, you are a shining example of what all taxi drivers in Malaysia should be! He gave me his calling card. The driver’s name is Cobra Mani of Suajana Taxi. Mobile no. 019 355 3533. I would recommend his services to anyone discerning that requires a taxi without feeling cheated.

    Could someone please tell me where I can direct my complaint regarding these taxi drivers I encountered?
    Thank you

  112. I had a celcom sim card in Sabah, which worked well, so when I was in Penang, I bought another one. I was using the first one to surf the internet, when I passed the download limit (2 GB), my speed got throttled so I loaded the new sim card. The speed with this one was very slow, and the connection frequently broken. I suspected that Celcom did something to this sim, when they throttled the good sim.
    I emailed customer service. There was a rather long form to fill out. We exchanged about 4 emails. About this time my 1 week plan was about to expire without ever being able to use the sim. Celcom emailed me, (this about their 4th or 5th email) saying they could not help me because 1. I did not supply an alternative phone number, and 2. I did not give them my COMPLETE address. But I did give them an alternate number in my first email. And what did that matter anyway, as they never called my primary number. As for the address, I am a foreigner and I don’t know the street address, but I gave them my distance from the cell tower in meters.
    More emails followed, with their last email they are telling me the bad sim, is not a 3G sim, but only 2G. This I don’t believe for several reasons. 1. Because any 3G sim will fall back on 2G if the signal is week, and 2. The packaging for both sims is identical, the user guides are identical, even the Barcodes are identical.
    So either the company is lying about the sim being 2G, or they are actively defrauding customers by putting an inferior product into identical packaging. (The salesman (Komtar) also informed me the sims were identical, when I was buying it.
    You can view pictures of the packaging at http://www.firzt.com/celcom/ I will also post there a zip of the emails.
    If anyone here can give me the website or email address of the Malaysian better business bureau, or a consumer protection agency, I would appreciate it.
    Thank you

  113. tuan,nama saya ng chin lam i/c 660301-10-5601.saya adalah pemengang polisi aia. disini saya tidak puas hati terhadap service yg di lakukan oleh agen pihak syarikat. nama agen ialah klg lee ai hoon.saya ada beli polisi dgn belia dan saya kata saya mahu bayar 1/2 tahun dan campur duti stem tetapi belia terus bayar 1 tahun untuk saya.ini hari 25/5/2011 pukul5.40pm saya talipon kata lagi setengah tahun polisi saya tak nak sambung sebab services belia tidak bagus lalu belia terus marah sama saya.adakah agen pihak syarikat yg dilantik itu adalah agen yg terpilih oleh pihak syarikat?
    ini kerana saya tidak percayai services belia kerana polisi yg saya beli tidak dapat apa apa surat polisi dari syarikat. adakah wang yg saya beli itu di telan?
    dan pada bulan disember tahun 2010, anak saya mendapat kemalangan dan buat susulan perubatan siap dihantar kepada belia,tetapi semua resit perubatan yg saya hantar kepada belia, belia tidak menghantar kepada pihak syarikat.3 bulan saya tunggu dan lepas itu saya talipon belia , belia kata belum lagi masuk claims saya kepada pihak syarikat. di sini saya harap pihak dapat memberi satu jawapan kepada saya.no talipon saya 0143241883. sekian terima kasih

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