Hooray…….is the general feeling we might get when we receive good service from any of the long-suffering customer service professionals who may have to service customers from dawn till dusk.

If you have encountered any nice personal experience that gave you the Hooray! feeling, (even from Malaysian taxi drivers!, purleeze)  please feel free to leave your comments here.


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  1. Log 15 Jan 2008

    Consumer Info: Hooray for the Malaysian Immigration Department

    Visited the Department of Immigration. The process for renewing passports is fast and efficient. First, take a form, fill it, and then take a photograph at the photograph booth located at the building if you didn’t bring any. A copy of your IC and 2 passport photos are needed to renew your passport. After taking a queue number from the counter, your thumbprint is taken and you have to make payment at the cashier. Credit cards are accepted! You then have to wait for about 2 hours to take your renewed passport. It’s easy, quick and simple, and you get your passport on the same day. But take note, I arrived very early in the morning at the immigration department. Haha. Maybe you can’t collect on the same day if you go later in the day to do your applications.

    The Department has also placed a new passport renewal kiosk machine at the Subang Immigration Dept. The machine is for passport renewals only. It is not meant for new passports applications or any other more complicated passport applications. Only Malaysian passports with an embedded microchip can be renewed at such kiosks.

    What you need for renewing your passport at the kiosk:-

    Malaysian passport with microchip
    1 colour photo
    Cash (in 50’s or 100’s)
    You can contact the Jabtan Imigresen Malaysia at 03-88801056 or surf to http://www.imi.gov.my for more info.

    Overall, the service given at the department is very fast, and everyone had a specific task at the various counters which was efficiently carried out. The new kiosk for passport renewals should be very useful and I hope more machines will be added soon. If all the documents, photo and cash are prepared beforehand, the time to complete the renewal process at the kiosk is about 10 minutes. (observed the whole process, conducted by a very helpful immigration officer). This, compared to the approximately 45 minutes length of time it takes to submit your application at the service counters. The actual length of time will definitely differ depending on whether you need to line up for photographs, or the time that you arrive at the dept. However, you still have to wait for about 2 hours to take your new passport from the counter, whether the application was done at the counters or at the kiosks. Good service and hassle-free.

  2. Prompt service from Telekom Streamyx TM Net

    My Streamyx service was down for almost 2 full days.

    Help! How can anyone survive without online access for 2 full days? It’s like losing my handphone, tv set, radio, and CD player all at one go. Haha…go get a life! Called TMnet to lodge a report and the Tech guy calls back the next day to check on the Streamyx. He found nothing wrong with the data sending and asked me to get the Telekom guy to check the lines.

    The Telekom guy comes to check the lines, and said nothing was wrong with the line. I was getting a bit frus at this point, because it was like, nobody is helping anybody.

    Then the Telekom guy says to call the TMnet guy and they both came together again to the house to locate the wire causing my broadband to keep going down.

    So it wasn’t so bad after all…. those guys managed to solve the problem and they were quite fast in responding to the reports. But a little more competition in the wired broadband service segment wouldn’t hurt (currently we have the one and only….errrr ….) and might make services more efficient.

  3. Good care from segambut police station

    I went to make a police report late night, regarding a fool a sales rep from a furniture shop name Valencia sg Buloh who was damn rude & i almost slapped him for he twist my hand. The police guy was so helpful eventhough its fasting month he took my statement.
    Thanks for thier support in Segambut Sri Sinar police station in charge name Roslin B Jusoh.
    Good work & keep up.

  4. I am wondering.
    Since there is a disclaimer on this blog for liability.

    Now that the law has changed would you please allow us to know who you are so that we may address you personally as there are people who have been unjustly defamed by postings on here, by people who have not left their full names and i/c numbers.

    You have facilitated that defamation under the new laws and so are now jointly responsible.

    We eagerly await your reply.
    Thank you.

  5. I want to shout out about the wonderful customer service of Lazada.com,my. I bought some stuff from them and a pot was broken upon delivery, and I rang their customer call line (which is always answered, asap) and they immediately sent a replacement, after I had sent the broken one back by Pos Laju, cost refundable! When the replacement came broken again, upon writing to them, they sent Pos Laju to collect. At the same time, I returned an item which was not as shown, and was immediately refunded! We can all shop with confidence with Lazada! Their service is fantastic, which gives me faith in online buying.

    Unlike StreetDeal, their customer call line is never answered (no call waiting, you just wait,) at anytime of the day. I once waited for half an hour before I gave up! I bought 2 items from them, and they came, completely different from the pictures shown. Definitely poorer and cheaper quality. A complete con. Then their customer infoline (email) asked me to send photos and they will contact the merchants. The next reply was that I should contact the merchant myself!!! Be warned everyone, they sell you and drop you! I am taking actions.

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