Welcome! This is a blog about consumers and the situtation in Malaysia. Often, consumers in Malaysia are not aware of their rights as consumers,  or fall for the most obvious scams or get-rich schemes. Many are apathetic about the situation and can’t even be bothered about service quality; since we don’t get any service in the first place, why even bother about quality? 

Readers can air their complaints on this blog, read up on news about consumer/customer service updates, or even comment about any good service they have been receiving. Any comments or input related to consumers in Malaysia are welcomed.


For some useful contacts regarding consumer matters, complaints, or general knowledge, look under Malaysian Consumer Help Links. I am compiling some links which I think might be useful for people looking for help about consumer or customer service matters.


Have you ever tried to tear your hair out in frustration trying to get that blurry -looking girl at the counter to understand “do you sell teeth floss and which shelf is it located at?” Only to get an empty stare and perhaps an answer that will make your hair turn whiter than the Snow Queen’s – “Got floss…….. please go to the food shelf, we got chicken floss, beef floss, many floss. Which lane number? I don’t know, why you ask me, ask my Manager la”. Than google no further.  Feel free to add any comments about the service you have been getting, whether from banks, goverment departments, car service centres, retail shops etc. Rant, rave or otherwise despair…. air your grievances here!

Click on the “Complaints” page. Place your complaints here on the comments box. Complaints can be anything from getting bad service, to getting no service, or getting the uncomfortable feeling that you had just been scammed.


Hooray…….is the general feeling we might get when we receive good service from any of the long-suffering customer service professionals who may have to service customers from dawn till dusk.

If you have encountered any nice personal experience that gave you the Hooray! feeling, (even from Malaysian taxi drivers!, purleeze)  please feel free to leave your comments here. Click on the “Hooray” page and leave a comment on any pleasant customer service you may have received, or good consumer policies you may have emcountered here.


Encountered any scheme or received any calls recently that looks suspiciously like someone is trying to fleece something off you? Know of someone who was scammed? Place your comments or experience under the Scams page.

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